1st Oak Lodge - 2004

Our Convention was very helpful. Roy Price was there and he spoke about Jesus being the Way. Said that we need to start at the beginning of the Way and go right to the end of the Way. Cees Mansvelt said that all that we are or can ever be is because of what God is to us. He said that Simon Peter harkened. (Simon means to harken). Said that we must put all our attention in what is being said, not just to hear but to harken. Cees told us about his testimony on how he was born in Holland, went to NZ as a young adult and heard the Gospel in Taranaki and what eventuated from him hearing the Gospel. Heddy Eggler spoke in 1 Sam Chapter 1 about going to the yearly feast to worship and to sacrifice. Said that God requires from us a living sacrifice, our body, our soul, our minds, our spirit.

Graham looks well and he spoke on Wednesday evening. Graham spoke from Malachi 3:6 and 7, "I am the Lord and I change not." He said that the standards of God's teaching will never change. He said that God is gracious and merciful, we can be set free from our guilt, free us from our burdens. He still loves to set us free. He has not changed. Satan will try to tell us that we are no good and that God will not want us anymore, but God does not change and wants to help us, to look upon us. Ian Taylor spoke about a lady in the Bible by the name of Achsah in Judges 1:12-15. The daughter of Caleb. Spoke about her being brought up in a Godly home and her wanting a blessing.