Ann and Bram Denboer - Visit to Mauritius and Madagascar - Email Wed, 11 May 2005

Dear All,

We arrived in Mauritius early this morning. Have had a nice day with our Family of friends here, the Rose Family. They have 5 children, 4 still at home. We visited Uncle Franz who is now 90. He has nothing of this world but is so rich in spirit. He lives in a small shed behind a relatives house. When we found him this afternoon, he was reading the bible with a magnifying glass. We asked him what he had been reading. He said of Paul in Acts where he was so persecuted but God kept him through it all and He will also keep us. This man is so rich in spirit. He tells us that he has read the bible right through about 60 times. This is all he does, loses himself in the word of God. On Sunday morning, he leaves home at 5.30AM then has to catch two buses. He arrives at the Rose home at 7.00AM, meeting at 10.00. After waiting for another half hour, they have the afternoon study meeting. At present, they are studying Galatians. Then, he has lunch and takes the two buses home. They do this because, if they had the meeting in the evening, then it would be too late for our Brother to get the bus home. The Rose Family does not have a car, so cannot take him home. After a good flight arrived at Antanarivo, Madagascar where we were met by Herbie Eaton who brought us to our hotel. In the morning, we were picked up at 5.30AM to take us by car down south for a 9.30AM meeting. We gathered with a Family and others in the town. So nice to feel the same spirit and love in the meeting. Then, after lunch, we continued on to the convention place, which was another 5 hour drive at a place called Fianarantsoa. They use the YWCA building, which is so good as about 150 can gather. All stay in the same building. Some walked 46 KMs to be there, takes them 7 hours to walk, the youngest was 4 years of age. They arrive a day before the Convention begins so that they are not too tired to take in the first meeting. The meetings are so good. Nice to see Alan Kitto, Wieks Opperman, Simeon Sarmiento, Glenn Sparks, Esther Penny and Jari Davidson as the visitors. Nice, of course, to meet the local staff of Jack Oliver, May Jones, and others whom we have met before. We have just completed the last meeting. Alan spoke and was so helpful of going out with God as our friend. Spoke of how Abraham knew God as his friend and so was able to accomplish so much that was like Christ.

This area has opened up since 1989. Now there are 150 come to convention, a very fruitful place for the gospel. People are poor but rich spiritually.

This afternoon, we all go out to a tea plantation. This evening, we all go out to dinner at a restaurant. There will be the visiting workers and some local workers, as the rest have gone back to the Capital this afternoon. They will possibly be back at around midnight tonight.

Tomorrow, we go out to a village to see some of the friends. There is a girl there who is crippled and was carried at the convention place. She has such a nice spirit, will tell you more about her in the next epistle.

This is just a taste if what we are enjoying. Both of us are keeping well and enjoying our time immensely.

Just this with usual brotherly wishes,

Ann and Bram