Bram Denboer - Spain and Portugal - Email 12 Aug 2005

Dear All,

Just a few lines this morning as the big day that we have been preparing for is just beginning. Began at 4:45am for me, as Antonio is making bread just outside of my window. He makes bread every day, getting up before 4.00 to put the fire on, bakes enough for 250 people.

Now can hear the coffee machine going, all so good. The house is full, so lots of comings and goings and visits, which are good.

Juanita arrived at the grounds yesterday afternoon. So good that she can be with us here on the grounds. Juan went to see her yesterday afternoon. She says she is happy to be here with the company as she heard the singing of the grace. It touched her heart just to hear it. She has been in one room for so long now, so this is a welcome change for her. So nice that she has a speaker by her bed so she will be able to listen to all that is being said in the meetings. Three of the local sisters spoke of her in the workers' meeting. It brought tears. So it is nice to see the softening effect this experience has on all. She is taking it all very bravely. Know that she will have the grace to bear all that is to be born. She is not in any pain as she has tablets, also a shot of morphine each 4 hours to help. Also, she has a trained sister to be with her at night, one of our friends here.

Wednesday night, Dan Henry spoke after travelling here from France that day. He spoke so helpfully about all coming together because we cannot do anything else. Sang the hymn, "Nearer, still nearer." This is our desire these days, to come nearer to the One whom we all love. Spoke of Mary coming early to the sepulchre. She could not wait till another day dawned. She went while it was still dark, was still cold, was dangerous. Why did she come? She could have waited till the sun was up. The answer is simple: she could not stay at home. Her heart, her mind, her spirit could not sleep. She could not imagine or think of anything else than think of Jesus, her saviour, her friend, her brother. This is the feeling we want as we come to convention: that we cannot wait another day more because He is our all in all to us, just to hear His voice, see His face, and know again fellowship with Him. Spoke of a young man in Haiti, 28 years of age. His Dad spoke of seeing the dangers during the year, the kidnappings, the violence, the deaths. He said that we cannot think of having convention this year, for it is too dangerous. This young man said, "No, Dad. We cannot live without convention." This is our feeling as we come together: it is more important than life or food. Mary had this feeling. She could not stay away.

Jesus is waiting for us, just like he was waiting for the woman of Samaria at the well. He was waiting for her to come. He knew she would come. He wanted to speak to her. Jesus is waiting at the well for us these days, waiting to give us this beautiful gift, the fountain of living waters.

Why did Mary stay at the sepulchre? Why did she not accompany the workers when they left? She could have had their company and conversation. There is a simple answer: she could not do anything else. She was in the place where she could receive something so special from Jesus Himself.

Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus met at the cross. They could have said to each other, "What are you doing here?" They both knew each other before, being on the council. There is a simple answer: they could not do anything else. They both had their lives changed completely. Now, they were doing what they were moved to do. They could not do anything else but take down the body of Jesus from the cross.

Mary was waiting and crying. It moved the heart of Jesus to come to her. We want to have that in our spirit. It would touch the heart of Jesus to come to us these days, to come to our help. He would come nearer still nearer to assure us of His love. May we find that meeting to meeting, hymn to hymn, prayer to prayer, conversation to conversation. All helping us to draw nearer still nearer.

Why was Mary not able to see Jesus? She saw him as the gardener. Jesus just spoke her name, "Mary," and then she saw who he was. It was because of her tears. We have experiences in life where we cry and cry, water in our eyes. It makes it so that we are not able to see. It is the prayer of my heart these days that He would call us by name in the meetings and assure us and touch us. Jesus knows our name.

The man who fell amongst thieves. The Samaritan saw that he was wounded, saw he was naked. He alone stopped to help that man. He poured in the oil and the wine for his wounds. I see more and more that the world is full of people who are wounded in life, see young people suffering. The cry is what can we do to be a help. It is not a matter of having a prepared message, a sermon of doctrine. Words may be very correct but we may not have time to prepare. We need to be prepared all the time as Jesus was. I want to be able to make them know that I have love in my heart for them, the love of Christ, the love of the spirit that would make alive and heal and encourage. If Christ is living in us, we have something that can be poured out: this love that is sincere. It is the honest love of God, making others understand this love of God for them. The two who just passed by. They may have been going to a meeting where they could learn how to help others. We don’t know why they were in such a hurry or why they were so worried.

We have come here tired, empty, and feeling our need. God can fill us. There are vessels of oil and wine. We can then go out with more love for others, be ready to stop what we are doing. Stop our lives and give a hand to help.

Nice to have a visit with Dan Henry here from Haiti. He spoke about the conditions in Haiti, also about the narrow escape he has had with malaria. He spoke that, because of the troubles in Haiti this past year, it has helped people to feel their need. 25 professed during the year before he left. Since then, 23 more have been added. It is a very fruitful field. Dan is happy to be going back there in spite of the conditions.

Will now also send the speakers' list, and the new list of where all are placed this coming year. There is a new field in Portugal, so now 3 fields there. A lady from Norway who professed recently is from Portugal. She is now coming to Lisbon to introduce her family to the workers there.

All good wishes and love, a brother,


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