Chau - Our Vietnamese Friends - Singapore - 2007 December 15 - Email

Our dear friends,

We are in Singapore for our convwention. Forty friends from VietNam came last Wed. afternoon for this occasion. Before that time 12 workers from VN had come here.

Our Vietnamese friends are very thrilled to be here for convention. For some of them this is the first time they went abroad. The oldest among them is 70 years old and the youngest 4 years old. In one testimony one lady expressed how thankful she was that this was the first time in 32 years she could enjoy a convention where she didn't feel nervous because of the cops. More than 10 years ago we had a frightening experience at her home where 105 of us were gathering for our special mtg when the cop came right in when Simeon Sarimento was speaking to us! Of course the meeting was stopped short. The people of the house were summoned for interrogation and they confiscated more than 10 Bibles! After that we had to cancel all the following mtgs there.

All our friends have expressed how thankful they are to be here for the convention, something they have never enjoyed before. Most of them are young.

We heard that God never made a way for the Israelites to return to Egypt after they had croosed the Red Sea. Had they wanted to return, they would have been buried in that sea with the Egyptians. We would commit suicide if we want to forsake following Jesus' narrow Way today.

--If we have the mind of Christ, there will be no problem among us.

--When we resist God's will for us, there is no peace in ourselves.

--The word "blessing" is written with 2 symbols: riches and God. If a person is only rich, it is not a blessing, but if he is rich and he has God, that is really a blessing. Put God first in everything that we may have His blessing and become a blessing to others as Abraham did.

Our Vietnamese friends will return home after the convention, but we workers will go to Malaysia for 1 convention in Kuala Lumpur and another in Penang. After that we will return home on the 2 of January.

I will close here with best wishes to you all.

Yours in Him,