Clifford Fedirchuck - Pakistan - 2004 - Email

I was thinking about the parable of the seed and soil this week. Seed is remarkable; it does not depend on the capability of the sower, it can be planted up-side-down or right-side-up and it does not matter; it is ageless when well preserved, people don‘t talk about old seed or new seed; it is changeless when sown; it does not harm the soil but adds as much at is takes away; it does not depend on the colour or texture of the soil but has its own genetics; you could not tell a sample of the same seed taken from one plot or from a plot a thousand miles away; the seed can wait to germinate for years if well preserved; some seeds need moisture to germinate; some need fire to set them free; all need soil in which to die; divide it or try to change it and it dies; when dirty, the easiest way to clean it is to sow it, the dying process takes care of the fouled sample. And the exact opposition is true in the soil. Poor ground can become good ground with care and work. But it still needs the seed to produce a crop. If we have only produced clean lives, we have not accomplished anything!

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