Hazel Dixon - Update on Friends and Workers in Asian Tsunami - 2004 December 28 - Email

Sent: Tuesday, 28 December 2004 9:00:13 p.m.

My dear All,
I will give you a line about our part of the land that was struck. AJ Hannah (a NZer who is working in Phuket) was being flown up to Bangkok today with her little Nakita (aged about 3yr). They have lost all. The house is just no more. It was on the beach front so took the full force of the huge wave. Good she was not home when it struck and Mike (her husband) was up in Bangkok.

Just had word from India - the workers and friends are all OK.

Sri Lanka - the workers and friends are all OK but some of the contacts coming to the meetings have lost all, it seems.

No word from Bangladesh as the workers are not there, they are at conventions in India just now.

Now about Penang - this year they were in a new place for the convention and just as well as the old place was flooded with water by the wave. It was wonderful that the friends and workers were not on the beach when it struck the convention place. Just laid the wall flat but did not reach up the hill to the convention place. The workers all saw it happening though, as it was rest time and they heard the roar of the wave coming and saw some drowned. Two fishermen on the rock just wiped off the rocks and saw three or so boats turned over and men drowned. The road, just up the road from them, there was a boat washed onto the main road and other things they are telling us about. Saw it coming, just a dark line on the horizon and, in about 15 minutes, it was there. We are thankful they are all fine, the friends and workers in Malaysia.

Amazing that that AM, Ralph Joll was speaking in the meeting about the sea, and likened it to the world and said it attracts the people and then it draws them in and then vomits them out as corpses. And in an hour or two this had happened as he had spoken. They said it was a very touching meeting.

So now we are all ready for our convention, in Chiangmai.

Just this, please, as time is scarce now.

With love from us all,

Hazel Dixon