Jan Noles - Haiti - 2010 February 1 - Email

(This is from the pilot, from MN., who flew down to Haiti with the load of tents ............)

Subject: Haiti
Date: Mon, 1 Feb 2010 20:02:05 -0600

Dear Friends,

Just finished the third day here and I'm bushed but it feels good. Lot's of exercise makes for a good sleep. We worked all day on the convention/flag factory building so the business can get going again and the friends can start working. It is pretty impressive to see the many crew (Haitian, American and Canadian) melding all the different duties. I worked with two men on the electrical room. We installed a rebar fencing on the vent spaces and rehung the door on a new cement column poured today. My other friends from MN worked on grouting and finishing the support pillars so the plastering can begin later this week. It was a good day.

Yesterday we went into Port au Prince for meeting. There were about fifty there at the bach. The children were very impressive sitting so quietly and respectfully. First time I ever sang a hymn in French but the tunes were familiar so we sang anyway. A nice young man named JeanPaul translated for us. Afterward, while dinner was being served, four of us went for a walk in the neighborhood. I really can't explain the sights and smells. We are so blessed in America. Another very impressive fact about the Haitians: they had little and have nothing now, but they are a happy people. It is encouraging. After a nice dinner and visit, we toured town again and headed home. It was a good day also.

I mentioned to you about my new friend, Michel, in the last letter. His buddy, Samuel showed up today. About the same age and just as pleasant as Michel. I give them a fist pump every time we pass during the work day and they giggle like crazy. Probably because an old white guy is giving fist pumps.

Thank you for your emails of encouragement. I'd like to answer them but the time does not allow so accept this as a substitute. We are well here and things are looking up. Take care and good days.

Kind Regards,