Jari Davidson - Pakistan (Flooding) - August 2010

Dear Friends, My special thoughts go your way these days with conventions going on here. Some have written asking about how our friends and workers are fairing with the flooding here. At this point, none of our workers or friends have been flooded out. Over 20 million people have been badly affected here and are in need of help. The people of Pakistan are doing what they can to help the needy and also the government is doing what they can. America and other countries are also doing what they can. Lots of people are living in temporary camps until the water dries up from their towns and villages and they can return home. One thing that is affecting all of the people of Pakistan is that because of so many crops and animals being destroyed the vegetables, milk, and meat have about doubled in price. This is a big problem for the poor people. Even in this area where we live all of the low areas like the parks are now lakes. There is a plague of flies, mosquitoes, and frogs.

This last week I moved to the city of Faisalabad. I have not labored here before. We have just 2 friends in this city. Shabaz, who is about 28 and his widowed mother. They mean a lot to us. Every weekend we go out of the city to visit our friends in other nearby places. One weekend we go to the village of 424 that is about 3 hours from here, where we have an elderly lady and her grand daughter who live on a farm. There are quite a few people living on the farm, and some of them sit in the gospel meeting we have there. We stay the night with them and have the Sunday morning meeting with them and have a few gospel meetings in the surrounding area. The next weekend we go to the city of Sarghoda about 3 hours from here where we have 4 friends. One of them lives on a farm and the other 3 live in a Christian village. Our friends on the farms have no electricity or running water or bathrooms. We sleep outside there in the summer time. They cook outside over a fire. Our friends have lost a lot of their crops because of too much rain. We have Saturday night with our friends then Sunday morning meeting and a few gospel meetings in the area before returning to Faisalabad for our Sunday evening fellowship meeting. During the week we have 7 gospel meetings in the city of Faisalabad. We have some nice interest here. My new companion is Baila. Her companion, Karen, needed to move to Multan to apply for a visa, so I got to come here. Jill and I had the privilege of being the first ones to bring the gospel to Baila's family. We used to travel 3 hours each way to get to her town every other week where we had a gospel meeting and turned around and came home. The effort was so worthwhile. Baila is such a jewel. Also her mom and two sisters and 3 nieces have professed. So it gives us courage to keep going and searching for the jewels that are still hidden amongst the multitudes here. Baila's family is very poor. When we would go there we would have a meeting and cup of tea and eat a sack lunch on the way home. Many places we go they won't let us get out the door without a meal, but Baila's family really couldn't afford to feed extra. I was at Baila's home a about 6 years ago when Keith told her that there would be a place for her in the work soon. She asked him what she should bring with her when she came into the work. He said, "You can ask the sisters, later." So, when she asked us, we encouraged her to bring her summer clothes, as it was summer time. She said that she had one other outfit besides the one she was wearing. So we said it would be good if she brought her winter clothes as winter would come. She said she didn't have any. They were all worn out last year. We said not to worry about it. Her needs would be met. We said if she had a suitcase, just put in her extra set of clothes and a comb and her Bible and that would be good. She said "I don't have a suitcase." We said, "Don't worry. Just put your things in a plastic bag. Don't worry about bringing a lot of things with you. It's most important what you have in your heart. Bring a willing spirit, and a love for God and a love for others." Baila brought all of that with her and she has gained a lot more along the way. She had tuberculosis before she was in the work and she is thin and not so strong, but she has the reputation of being willing beyond her strength. She is the one we all would like the chance to be with, because of the treasure that she has in her earthen vessel.

We have a pleasant little bach here on a quite street. Our bach is a portion of the upstairs of someone's house. We have a little courtyard that is surrounded on 3 sides by the rooms of the house and one side is the street side. So it is like a room with no roof. That's where we sleep these days. It is not as hot now since the rainy season has started, but it is humid and around 100 for a high every day.

Love in Him, Jari

22 August 2010
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