Jim Chafee - Intercession - Antioch New England 2006 Sunday a.m.

Isaiah 53:12 
Hebrews 7 
I John 2

We have an advocate, an intercessor. Intercession is for the defenseless; to be one, we must be self-less; must understand and care. Christ ever lives to make intercession for us. He understands our situation and all our feelings. Jesus also knows how God feels. 

Jesus interceded for the woman taken in adultery. He interceded for the one who broke the alabaster box. No one interceded for Jesus. If no one interceded for us, the verdict would be "condemned to death". 

Intercession is not accomplished with a sword. Don't take anything sharp! No harsh or sharp words! Everything is accomplished better with gentleness. 

Judas went with a betrayer's heart, not an intercessor's heart. It would have made such a difference for Judas. Our Saviour stood alone, disowned. Where did it begin? It was settled in heaven before the beginning of time. 

In the garden of Eden, God made skins to cover them. Adam could have interceded for Eve, but instead he accused. Genesis 18, Abraham interceded for Lot. He could have accused. NEVER FAIL TO INTERCEDE 

WHEN WE CAN. Abraham interceded for Lot even at the risk of the anger of God. 

Jesus could be our accuser, but he is interceding for us. 

Joseph had no intercessor. He was cast into prison. 

Moses interceded for Israel. Pharoah was angry. Jonathan interceded for David. The second time, Saul cast his javelin. There were doubtless marks on Saul's wall where he threw the javelin...and likely he hit a few with it. David had a harp. You can't throw a harp. When we have something bigger than we are, it helps us to be stable. This is what we need in our hand, not the small things. 

Esther interceded for her people. The people interceded for her in prayer. If we intercede, we'll be interceded for; if we accuse, we'll be accused. 

Paul interceded for Onisimus (found in Titus?) "Receive him as myself" "put it on my account." That is what Jesus is saying. Paul was doing for Onesimus what he couldn't do for himself. 

Our "defense" has never lost a case. He'll take our case even when we really don't have a case. 

Keep your mouth shut! Self-defense doesn't stand in the courts of heaven. 

An intercessor is: Doing for another what he cannot do for himself; putting ourself in another's place; going between. 

In Jonah's day, the gourd that grew up was between him and the heat of the sun. Sad if a "worm" would come in and destroy. 

God has a tender heart. We have an intercessor.