John [?] - Spain and Portugal - 2004 - Email

This is interesting to see the interest in Spain & Portugal. Currently there are 58 listening, so it shows giving out invitations works.

Dear Bram and Ann,

Angeles and Teresa are to test their meeting in Segorbe on Saturday as there are 3 amongst the 11 or so that listen there that seem anxious to do something for their soul…. So a new Sunday a.m meeting will need to be formed there.

The girls to the north here have the use of the schools in the villages, start in one this afternoon…. So it is all stations go up there!!!!

Isidro and I still do our 12-18 per week on the invites and posters, have plenty of calls but nothing very concrete yet…. but those that listen seem to be catching on.

Just this to-day, hope all well there….


P.D. Nov 4

Just a line this morning as many are writing and asking about the conditions in Liberia so will send a little line to say we heard from the workers in Monrovia by email and by phone and things last weekend were not good; 24 killed in the streets and 208 hurt; seems when it was time to disarm and hand in weapons that some rose up in protest and let their presence be known. The workers - Alan Cooke; Mervyn Hill; Eileen Northridge and Rosanne Covlin - were all in the Sunday am meeting at 9 but when problems continued they cancelled the 11 am meeting and returned quickly to the middle of town and to safety. Many of the friends were in tears as they thought peace had come and now their hopes were dashed again. The workers had planned a baptism for Saturday but it is cancelled. They are staying indoors and there is a curfew from 4 pm until 7 am which means stores close at 2 pm for employees to get home before curfew time. UN tanks are roaring up and down the streets and also going from house to house uncovering hidden weapons and found drug caches also. So they need our prayers very much these days; it has been decided that they all just stay in for one week and then see if the way would be clear for the sisters to leave by the airport and then the brothers to follow. All are safe but they must be very careful.

We are fine in Lome and glad for every liberty that we can enjoy here. Leontine Ahossi my co and myself are well.

Your sister in Christ,


Nov 11

A line goes today as we have news that Colin Brodie and Barnabe Houngbeme have been called to come and meet up at a high security hotel in Abidjan; Ivory Coast where they will wait with other expates until their departure can be planned. We heard that the airport was reopened yesterday and France sent planes; 500 french were on the two planes that left last evening and today it seems that 5 other planes are to come and take other expates to different locations of safety. We haven't had direct contact with the brothers since they went to the hotel but we do expect to hear within the next 24 to 48 hours that they are somewhere safe. They will be weary after the strain of the last week of fighting and disorientation but we are sure they will be fine after a little.

We are fine here in Togo; enjoyed our visit with Kossi Adadjo and Serge Ahossi yesterday at noon. Glad to have some regular listeners in our meetings here and await the visit of Esther Blaney from Ireland next week. Just this for today.

Your sister,