Juan Gunn - Appreciated Friends - Letter

This is a poor translation into English from Juan’s Spanish but feel it is a good letter by a concerned Worker.

Appreciated Friends,

I feel the necessity to go to all the parents, and mainly to those of you who have adolescent children, for expressing a thing that for a long time has worried me. To you, we love and we love your children and we only want the best thing for them, that is, in the spiritual things. We live in a world full of dangers and I am sure that all of you are more than conscious of this, and more so when having children of such a vulnerable age. We want to be like the parents of Moses, and to weave an ark well, so that between the rushes nothing can enter that it cannot destroy the boy.

There are two things that are so common now between the young people, the computer and, on the other hand the MP3, iPod or consoles, and whereas they can be used for good, so easily they become a trap, of which, sometimes single, we realize when already the damage is done. I must confess that it hurt me to my soul, to have the knowledge and experience already by means of three different people, who as much in the camp of men like in the camp of women, during the annual conventions there were young people (of Spain), listening to music with its MP3 until between the meetings ....... and in the camp of the women, they were listened to jokes of a similar apparatus the night before the meetings. I believe that all we are conscious that the annual conventions, in spite of having meetings in a common house during the year, in the time of the annual conventions it is to be in a place and the intention of them is to separate us completely from the world, (out of our own houses and the preoccupations of them), to dedicate this time to God and the one who gave to us the Kingdom, during these special days. How can it be that we bring to the annual conventions worldly things as music equipment? And more, how can we have desires to be wanting to hear music, that is not nothing sacred, in a sacred place? Nor in the world, it would make resemblance thing within a church.

So I request you like Parents, to be the careful that in the future these apparatuses does not arrive at the place of the annual conventions. Apart from this, the MP3 now is cause of preoccupation between those of the world, since it serves to isolate the young people of the real life. They follow in this, the world of the fantasy of music that by all means does not make anything to help to have and appetite for the true things of God. Sometimes it is good to ask ourselves the question, the music that I listen to, is it compatible with the faith that I express? Of the dangers of the MP3, "is enough to read the article generation MP3", way of the isolation. If somebody wants to read It, I can facilitate a copy to them.

We have felt sad sometimes when being in certain houses, (and that has happened many times already) that almost we did not have a visit with the young people, because they arrive behind schedule at the table, (they come of course from the computer) and before even finishing the food, they go away from us again to the computer. We have verified in most of the cases, that it is not for doing tasks or something of value, but to play with the games or to watch until films are downloaded off the Internet. The television served to destroy the bonds of family in the homes of the world, but it seems to me that the computer, without the suitable control of the parents, is obtaining exactly the same thing between us today.

Imagine the following thing for a moment, You contract to a professor to come as an individual teacher for your children…. That this person comes to the house to teach them, after the first day of we suppose 4 hours of class….you ask your son…what have you learned today?, and he responds, “I learned to handle a pistol, to kill more than 100 people with bullets, listened to jokes full of potholes and I saw a film about married people how they fight.” What position would you take as soon as to that professor? I believe that you would not let him neither step on one more a single time to your house…. For certain? Plus this it is what we do when we leave the children with violent games in the computer (by the way, nothing comparable with the lessons of Christ), and we let them calmly continue using them. I believe that you understand me more than well. It worries me for the future about all the young people, and I know that what feeds myself now is going to give fruit in the future, for good or for bad.

Please excuse me if in some way I am entering territory that is yours, in speaking of these subjects, but I do it, with the spirit not to criticize to anybody, but by a precaution that it might heal and purify, for this is what I feel for the future towards our young people and of them.

A copy of this letter goes to all the parents who have children until the age of adolescence, and those that they are for being parents, and also a copy for the bishop of each Church. I know that your concerns are our concerns, and we hope that with the guidance of God and the will to work together for the good of all, we will take this forward to a good aim.

Your brother,