Krista Slawinski's death - Dominican Republic, 2012 - Don Shenton - Email January 19th 2012

[This email was written by Don Shenton, a retired Canadian brother worker, and prepended to a forward of an email from Derek Hurlburt, in the Dominican Republic.]

Dear loved ones,

Krista Slawinski's death in a bus accident has been a terrible shock to me. I am glad for that beautiful life taken home, but sad for those of us left behind. I am sure God is saddened also for our sake and a needy world, but He allowed it and is accepting the results and we must too. Heaven is richer; earth is poor. There is one less Apostle, Messenger, Worker and Servant in this World of great need where labourers are few. Who will fill the gap? Ezekiel 22:30 "And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none."

This Hymn was written by a man I know well and highly regard. I phone him when I need a boost! They had two children and both went into the work. I am sure they prayed for their children and the need of the harvest. He was from the outside world (so understands the lost experience), but received the Gospel as well as his siblings. Their parents held back. I was very aware of what both my parents were praying for in regard to my life. The Work is the greatest privilege God has ever granted to man. It is what He planned for His own Son. Krista saw that privilege very soon after she professed. I didn't for years, sorry to say. Maybe it took some tragic experiences for me to fully understand this. I'm so glad for the years I had and wish for more, however I understand my infirmities. I accept that and am content.

I sent this Hymn once before, but some could not open it. I am sending it in 3 ways now. It is some of the best advice that could ever be given to parents and possibly addresses part of the cause for the lack of Harvesters today. Please send it on to young couples and any that care deeply for the Kingdom.

I wanted this brief, as I'm not feeling very verbose these days. Still mourning and also glad our sister is safely home also. Anyway, I am adding my latest email of a Special Meeting. I sure valued getting in on meeting and you might too.