Loren Quick - [Five Foolish Virgins]

Matt. 25:1- There are 2 categories. Five foolish virgins -- read it seeing only the 5 foolish. These 5 foolish that weren't ready -- they had no oil. If you would have asked them, they would have said, "we are going to meet the bridegroom -- we didn't know he is coming and we are interested in that day and isn't that going to be a wonderful day, isn't that going to be a joyous day?" But they didn't have oil, and the master didn't know them and all this time they thought that they were going to be there and all their life was that they were going to meet the bridegroom and that is why they didn't give their life to some things -- all their efforts were wasted. Suppose you and your neighbor decide to go to Amarillo and go to Happy convention -- you tell others you are going and you get to the airport and you don't have a ticket, and you ask your neighbor if you can have his and he says "no", go buy your own. You do and when you get back, the plane is gone and now that gate is for a plane going somewhere else. You paid and now can't go. He didn't have to build the plane and hire the crew, etc. All he had to do was buy the ticket. We understand the Lord needs to see marks of His Son in us if He is going to recognize us. "This is life eternal that…" Accepting His way, His Lordplan for ourselves. The 5 wise were going to meet the bridegroom too and they didn't have to talk about it because their lives would show it. The foolish -- it was a day they believed in and a day the wanted, but they weren't ready. Is. 33: "I have no pleasure in the work of the wicked". It is no pleasure to Him. Ps. "precious to the Lord is the death of the saints." A wonderful verse. They walked like Jesus, they had the marks of Jesus -- they treated every decision in life like Jesus would have. Both the3se groups had a name change -- wise and foolish -- then it was "they that were ready". That is all that is important. Vs10, 11 "then came also the other". ; God has always labored human lives to win. He is interested in putting oil in us an putting Jesus in us. May God help us to recognize the importance in every decision being just like Him so every day can be a day of joy for us.