Study of Prayer

1st Kings 8:33-5.4 - Solomon's Prayer - Prayer is a very important subject. Holy Communion with God. It is a life or death matter held in the balance. Those who lose out fail in prayer. There is no quicker way to grow than in prayer. The reason our conventions are what they are is because many days before God's people are praying for the meetings and those who will attend, for those who will minister, making it a hallowed place. In order to grow in this Way of God, we must increase our communion with God.

I have found that there are five parts to prayer.

Begin with APPRECIATION, thanking God for our deliverance, our benefits in the Kingdom, etc., and this opens our hearts to God. Thank Him for our peace and joy in Him. Express our needs to God. God knows our hearts already but He will not give them until we ask, seek, and knock. He wants to hear our own expression of need.

CONFESSION: We need to be cleansed of our sins. A sin not cleansed is one held back from God. We need to tell Him our sins, just lay them out there before Him. Confess them and forsake them and God will show mercy.

SUPPLICATION: Supplications mean, "Entreat for Grace." asking for the power to do what we cannot do for ourselves. Pray for ourselves and then we can pray for others. We can ask for wisdom, grace, faith, love and many things we need. We need our speech seasoned with grace. Is there any time that anger should enter in? Is there any time for a wife to berate her husband? If there is trouble, the way to handle it is with grace. This is why we need to ask for grace, the power to do that which we cannot do.

INTERCESSION: How much time do we spend praying for others? As we extend our time in prayer and thinking of the needs of others, our list of others will increase. We can pray for everyone that will be in the meeting on Sunday morning in our area...pray by name. We can have a part in the work of God...We can't forsake our homes and families but we can uphold every worker's name on our workers' list before each day...become interested in missions, etc. When a brother or sister fails, we can look at ourselves for lack of intercession on their behalf. In a workers' meeting in Korea after others had spoken, a brother worker got up to speak and he said, "I cannot continue in the work." Instead of pointing at him and saying the things he should have done, they all turned the searchlight into their own hearts and felt condemned for their lack of intercession. We can pick out a country on the map where the Gospel has gone forth and write to a worker there. If we do not know any workers there, ask one of the workers for a name and get to know that worker and you will become interested in their missions, the friends, etc.

SILENCE: Waiting before the Lord. Just not saying anything. There are two parts to a telephone conversation. How long would we talk if only one spoke? Shall we, just after a few petitions to God, hang up? God wants an opportunity to speak to us. If our mind wanders, let it wander on the greatness of God's Kingdom and the greatness of God. It is not easy to wait on God but it is the most vital portion of prayer. There is no use trying to help others, write letters, visit or anything else before we have spent time with God.


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Revelation 8:3...This incense had no value unless it was mixed with the prayers of all the saints.