Thomas - Monday, May 15, 2006

A beautiful picture of how faith and believing heal a heart that previously had doubted. Great promise!

Subject: Thomas

John 20:19-31

Jesus met with the disciples at the end of the day. His first words were, "Peace be unto you." There was no residue of anger from his crucifixion and he did not engage the disciples in a dialogue over the injustices of his trial and subsequent death. His spirit and soul was full of peace. This helped the disciples to focus on the future and promote that same spirit in the gospel.

When the doors were shut, darkness turn to light, doubt turn to faith and fear turned to peace. Four things necessary for fellowship: (1) door was shut. It is important to close the door to the past, our failures and defeats and wait on God. (2) Jesus stood in the midst. Without the presence of Jesus there would be no victory. (3) Peace - Peaceful atmosphere sets the stage for the Spirit to feed our souls. (4) Showed them his hands and side. Nice when there is evidence that we have been willing for death.

After Jesus revealed himself to the disciples he breathed upon them the Holy Ghost. This gift sealed the work of faith in their hearts and it increased their scope of understanding. The Spirit takes possession of our lives when we believe and make Jesus our Lord and Master. Without the quickening of the Spirit, we wouldn't be able to enter into the feelings and fellowship of Jesus.

While Jesus hung on the cross, he issued a blanket pardon toward each one who participated in his death. He remitted their sins. Remit means to cancel out. Jesus cancels out our sins by virtue of his sacrifice and shed blood. During the forty days he was with the disciples, Jesus never once pursued vengeance. This is what made the gift of pardon so precious.

Thomas missed the first meeting with Jesus where Jesus imparted the Holy Spirit to the disciples. Doubt sat on the throne of Thomas' heart for eight days. He wouldn't believe until he touched his nail pierced body. When he was given the opportunity to touch those nail pierced hands, doubt vanished and in heart felt submission he confessed, "My Lord and my God."

Jesus said to the disciples, "As my Father hath sent me, even so send I you." He was sending the disciples out to proclaim the gospel with the gifts of power, peace, pardon, and his promises. It is the promise of new life in Jesus that enabled believers to transcend mortality and enter into a more heavenly realm with our Lord.