Toil on Brave Heart - Poem

Toil on, brave heart, a patient vigil keep.
O watch and pray, and do not faint or sleep.
Sure is thy rest, soon sinks life's setting sun.
How sweet 'twill be to hear your Lord's "Well done."

Hope on, O soul, fear not if darkening skies,
And clouds of sorrow in you path arise.
Fear not your Master's sorrow here to share
Was any ever like so hard to bear?

Love on, though much iniquity abounds,
How many die in darkness all around.
Strangers to God, no hope in sin's dark night,
Be the a star to guide them to the light.

Serve on, with kindness and with loving deeds,
With open heart and hand meet others needs,
Always content your Lord's bond slave to be
Who came in love to minister to thee.

Sow on, stay not thy hand, but cast thy bread
Upon the waters without fear or dread
Of wind or clouds, we know not which will grow,
You sure must reap from each true deed you sow.

Wait on, your loving Father's promise bright,
Is sure to lighten up the darkening night,
Hold fast your faith mid toil and tears and pain,
Your earthly loss will bring eternal gain.