A Very Special Day - 2011

Some of you would remember letters from Jason Monckton, who spent several years in prison in Minnesota. He professed while there and became very faithful, writing many poems, hymns, and frequent letters, and is responsible for another inmate also learning of the truth and professing, and who continues on after Jason completed his sentence a couple of years ago. The following is from Jason's aunt, Renee Martin, from Blaine, MN. Her sister, Diane, is Jason's mother. It was a very special day for all of them yesterday as Jason started in the work of God.

Today we had the honor of having lunch with Jason, Ron Thompke and my sister Diane at Jim and Betty Hueisman's house in Litchfield, MN. Here are a few pictures of our time. Jason is starting out in the work today, and if there is something you would like to do for him, I know he would covet your prayers. There is no greater work in this world and I am so thankful there are still those who are willing to lay down their lives in sacrifice so such as I can know God and His dear Son, Jesus, better. Thank you Jason for your willingness to follow God's leading. WE LOVE YOU!! Auntie Nae (as he has called me all his life)

Jason has a garage around his head and Diane has a flag pole coming out of her head!! Great photography!

Jason and Ron

The Hueisman's with Jason and Ron