Adam Hutchinson - Letter - Madras, India - August 23, 1922

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I am making this do for all as I have got your letters all right. Trust you all keep well and work to put your best into God’s interest. Every meeting could be represented to what Noah did as he built the ark, as he brought another plank. Thus every meeting, we could get something more built into us that will enable us to rise above the floods of ungodliness, worldliness, selfishness, pleasure seeking, self pleasing which seems to be drawing so many these days. It was Noah’s past faithfulness all those years as he built the ark that made him an overcomer when the flood came, and it is our faithfulness all along the way, even though there may seem a sameness in the work, that will cause us to be overcomers when the last really comes. As it meant labour for Noah to cut the tree down, haul it down from the hills and out of the gullies, so it will mean labour and toil for us to have something to give out at meetings. It is easy not to trouble and to let others do the toiling, but that won’t help us when the test comes. There were as many women as men helping in the ark. For I am sure their wives would do their best, and so they got saved. We are saved by letting God build into us what will keep the floods out.

This was where Demas failed; the love of this present evil world carried him off his feet and out of the testimony and landed him in Thessalonica. I suppose it was a good place for doing business, he had often gone to meetings, but he had no plank on his shoulder, no burden on his soul. His mind was on other things he reckoned more important, and so the desires of this world leaked into his heart and put the love of God out. If the work of God is not costing us much anxiety and care, we can depend upon it we are not doing much. The wood was to be a certain kind, and the stuff that God wants is our very best. We can’t do any more, but woe betides us if we do any less, for the water will leak in if we don’t put our very best into it.

The pitch would be like the love of God, even though some of our actions may not be the best fit. The pitch would fill up all discrepancies, so the love of God will fill up and make right even our shortcomings as we seek to do our best and so the floods can’t get in…not a drop. What a safe thing the ark would be; it was pitched outside and inside. Outside would fill up even what the world saw was not all together the thing and even what His children saw, and the pitch inside would mean the love of God covering all deficiencies that He alone sees. What a glorious experience to have a life filled by God and cleansed from all that is of the world. Such would God have in every individual life and in every church and in every home. Noah had the right things in his life first, then sought to build them into his family and so got them all saved. Although it means more toil and labour to get the right thing worked into children so that they grow up to fill a place in His kingdom, which is the most important?

Lot kept his flocks and herds to help his children to fill a place in this world. I am sure the mother was more concerned about getting them married than to see them out preaching. Abraham kept his flocks and herds and sacrificed so that he could instill into his boy’s heart a desire to be a sacrifice to God, and I am sure Abraham had more flocks even than Lot. But he sacrificed them all for God, and his boy is in the Kingdom of Heaven today. Fathers and mothers need much of God’s grace to so love to instill into their children the desire to do the Will of God. It’s sad to see some people more concerned about settling down than about going forth and yet the world is perishing, and how many have never had a chance. If a farmer lives to give God his best and all and sees his son or daughter go forth one day to be a worker and is the means of winning a few souls for God, in Eternity he will realise he didn’t sacrifice so very much and will be well rewarded a thousand times over for what he gave to God.

So trust we will all value the place God would have us fill.

Your Brother In His Name,

Adam Hutchinson