Andrew Abernethy - Iron Bridge Convention, Ontario, Canada - Thursday Morning, 1953

11 Chronicles 34, we may know some of our need, but God may see more that we do not see. In the times of the kings of Israel, example didn’t seem to be regarded, as a bad king often followed a righteous one and a righteous one followed a bad one. Many people make excuses for their wrong doings because of bad examples. There are always good and bad examples around us. The king was often the embodiment of what was in his people. God said, “I gave them a king in Mine anger, and took him away in My wrath.” God knew kings were apt to lead His people astray. David was the embodiment of what the people were like in his day. Josiah rose up after a poor example. At sixteen, he began to seek after God. He did what was right in the sight of God. We live in the sight of God.

God will expose the inner recesses of our heart to us that we may correct ourselves. If we are in a boat drifting down stream, we can measure the speed we are drifting by watching the familiar landscapes along the shore, but as we drift out into the open water, where are no landmarks, we may be traveling faster and be unconscious of it. So with drifting in God’s Way. Keep close to the landmarks that are of God and use God’s measuring line. Keep faithful in the little things when tempted to be careless to the teaching of His Spirit. Don’t make the excuse, “I know I fail, but everyone fails.” Be like Josiah (verse 2). Don’t let Satan keep you too far to left or right. Keep in the middle of the Way with God.

Verse 3, he purged the land from wrong thought about God, about ourselves, about others. Destroy Baal worship which taught people to take it easier than God’s Way. Repair the house of God. We are each a part of His house and the house is no better than I am, because if I am a poor stone or board, the house will be just that poor. God makes provision for the repairs of the house.

In Exodus 30, each man was asked to bring one half shekel when he was counted in the house of the Lord. Rich could not bring more, nor poor less. This is like bringing our heart. If we have only had defeat last year, the house will go down, but if we have victories it will be built up. No account was kept of the money. Every one dealt faithfully. House of God is built by honour. The book of the law was found. Have a reverence for the word of God and obey it. They inquired of Hulda the prophetess. God is no respector of persons or sexes. The person who knew the most about God in that day was a woman.

Verse 27, because thine heart was tender. Humble thyself, rend thine clothes. When God see us willing to improve, when He shows us our sins, He teaches us more and helps us. After the land was purged, the Passover was kept. They encouraged each other by their sacrifices.

Verse 15, singers were in their place. Battles were fought and won, gates were guarded, wrongs kept out, right let in. This can be our portion.