At the Cemetery following the Funeral Service of Brian Doecke - Sao Paulo, Brazil - October 24, 2011

Hymn 412, "When Life is Ended"

Hymn 258, "Lord, Within My Heart doth Dwell"

(Leslie spoke that the only lesson is to be faithful unto death.)


32 Workers Present:  Elpidio, Leslie, Colin Sanders, Edivaldo, José Roberto, Peter, Wander, Marciel, Marcos, Laercio, Ricardo C., Ricardo A., Rafael, Josue, Anderson, Judith, Tercilia, Evadney, Daizi, Maria, Marta, Elenice, Silvania, Claudia, Andréa, Benia, Dileuza, Solimar, Izabel, Carol, Wanessa, Rosangela


There were about 250 friends present.