Brian William Doecke - Funeral Service - Sao Jose dos Campos, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil - October 24, 2011, 10 a.m.

BORN 10/02/1937

DIED 23/10/2011


Funeral in São José dos Campos, State of São Paulo, BRAZIL on the 24th of October, 2011, at 10am




Brian came to São José dos Campos on the 8th of August and was having alternative treatment with Graviola (a leaf of a tree of the Amazons) and Tivallec (a multi-vitamin) and he stayed in the home of Maurilio and Dalete. On Thursday the 13th of October, he began to become very weak and spent most of his time lying down. On Sunday the 16th, he didn’t go to the meeting and at night they conversed with him that it would be good to go to hospital and be put on the drip for a bit and he agreed to go. First of all, he was at the hospital called “Holly House” for three days. In this time, he made three contacts within the hospital. One was a psychologist, the other a young lady disappointed in the churches, and another married lady whose husband was sick (Fatima). On the 20th of October, he was transferred to the Hospital in Jacarei where he received adequate treatment for his case. He said that Doctor Eduard inspired confidence. This woman, Fatima, visited him at this hospital and was at the funeral parlour and also at the funeral service.


On Sunday the 23rd of October, Brian wasn’t feeling well because he felt a lot of pain in the intestine. His kidneys weren’t functioning well. He said to Dalete (she was with him in the hospital in the morning) that he wanted to die. At about 11 a.m., he asked for Dalete to open the window of the bedroom because he wanted to see the sun and so he fixed his eyes on the sky and asked to hold Dalete's hand. He squeezed her hand, opened his eyes wide and they seemed so blue and still fixing his eyes firmly behind the window went and little by little, let her hand loose.


Elpidio began the funeral service with hymn 74 in Portuguese and said, “This hymn brings memories of Brian because of the music. The original music wasn’t easy. I got to know other music when I was in Spain, but it also didn’t seem beautiful, so it was Brian’s suggestion to change to this music. 'I must have the Saviour with me.'"

In Jesus, I have a friend

Nothing equals His love

His hand is so secure

There’s no other so loyal.



My support is Christ.

He will never fail.

The One who keeps me is stronger

Than the hosts of sin.


I have deep joy

I live for His Kingdom

He has conquered me

And will help me to die.


I’ve true peace in Christ

That this world ignored;

He’s never left me

Or abandoned His people.


I owe everything to Christ

I can see more and more;

Because the Lamb came

And suffered on a cross.