Cell Phone App for Hymns Old & New

The biographical and historical details from the Hymns Old and New website for the 1987 edition are available on a free app at

If you copy this link into your mobile phone browser (e.g. Chrome), you should see a message "Add Hymns Old & New 1987 to Home Screen"
If you click that message it will be installed as a permanent app.

Or you can just bookmark the link and open it in your browser any time.

From the 'Hymn Index' tab, you can scroll to any hymn or enter the number in the search box and jump to it.
Selecting a hymn will open full details for that hymn, and you can jump from there to the full author details.

Similarly, from the 'Authors' tab, you can scroll or use search to jump to an author.
Selecting a single author will display full details, including each of their hymns. You can select any of the author's hymns to jump to it.

Try it - you might like it!