Chau from Vietnam in USA Conventions - June 3, 2006

It was so precious seeing and hearing Chau from Vietnam. He professed through Phyllis Munn and Bonnie Dahlin, and, of course, Phyllis is the beautiful white-haired lady with him. I think she's about 87 or 88 now.

And, of course, Larry Smit and his brother were sent over from Vietnam during the war, adopted by a professing couple, and now Larry (on the right) is in the work. And the other two brothers, Harold Hilton (in the back) and Ken Beckman were in Vietnam during the war. Larry Greenaway was too, but they couldn't seem to find him when they were taking this picture. I cannot begin to imagine what it meant to Chau to come here, his first time. He wept every time he spoke. Oh my, won't heaven be wonderful?