Clifford Fedirchuk - Pakistan (Flooding) - August 2010

22 August 2010
206 - 3271 Pembina Hwy
Winnipeg, Manitoba 
Canada, R3V 1T7 

Dear Folks, 

The evening might just have enough left in it to gather the bits and pieces together and make believe I have written a letter. We just had a couple of boys here for an English conversation and they worked hard. Language is hard work. 

Of course the big news is the floods that have run the course of the country. If you notice your map, the River Indus starts out as a mountain stream and steadily gains width and looses depth as it wanders down to the sea to the east of Karachi. So it goes from 10 metres wide to 30 km wide in the course of the journey. This year the rain hit the northern reaches of it and the whole centre of the country was flooded. Now, we know that some of this is controlled flooding; to save a city they purposely break a dike in another place resulting in flooding in the “have not areas”. This has been going on for years. The major cities have been spared but second tier cities were hit hard. Some of the worst hit areas have been terrorist areas and there are reports of land mines and missiles floating down the river. I say that the terrorists got their “powder wet”. And surely there has been a lot of suffering. 

None of our friends have been flooded out. All have been affected by the spurt in prices and shortages that have been in the country. There is a general lack of trust in the political setup and the Pakistani people themselves are torn by the knowledge the aid given will mostly be stolen by the political icons and the needy will see little of it. Two stories to bring it to a human level. One of our friends Riaz is a farmer. Now farmers are seldom totally happy with their lot. There was no flood there …. But lots of rain. I talked to him yesterday and he said, Enough Enough … there is too much grass … it is getting to big! Then again, our friends in Peshawar running a washing and dry cleaning business. They have a roaring business going on …. They said “Business has never been better” because everyone has dirty muddy clothes and they bring them to them to clean! Yes, it is and “ill wind that does not blow someone good”. 

Lahore News: 

And what have we been doing beside the regular programs … I completed the Music for the new hymns that we have completed. It as 6 years since I did anything with the program that we use to match music and Lyrics so it was a steep learning curve again. And there is a new edition of the program and they did incorporate many of our suggestions from that time and the result is a much easier program to work with some sensible word processing facilities. Now these will have to be proof read and altered yet. 

I will put my application for a new Canadian Passport in the Consulate this week. So, that is a major step toward a home visit. There are a number of steps that are considerably harder here in the foreign land than in the homeland. So, for 3-4 weeks I will be without a passport. Our thoughts go toward conventions now. There are major preparations for that event. The preps on the place are short but the arrangements before hand are major. 

Lahore has continued to escape major flood damage and though there has been a shower every day somewhere in the city it has never been city wide … the humidity still makes for poor clothes drying weather. Ahead we see the need for two baptisms, one in Jhelum and the other here in Lahore. Those will be slotted into the weeks remaining. 

We completed Matthew 25 this past week. Sober words, the way I read them. “ in the manner that ye did it to the least of these, ye did it to me …” The way we speak to one another is the way we speak to the Lord himself. We sometimes overhear harsh words carelessly spoke in families. Would that we would remember that the way we speak to others, that is the way we speak to the Lord. 


22 August 2010        INDOOR TEMP 24-30 C,        OUTDOOR TEMP 25-35 C,        HUMIDITY 50-100%, 

November 18-28 Convention season in Pakistan. 
December 01 Departure from Karachi and arrival in Winnipeg. DV.