Convention Gems - 2006

Cleansing comes from the water of the Word; but water can’t clean us unless we apply it. We can also be cleansed by the blood of the Lamb. It gets places we can’t even reach.

There’s a difference between something that is fun and something that brings you joy. Sometimes when you miss out on the fun, you get more joy.

We’re fighting a war here on this earth – a war of life, hope, and salvation. We’ve escaped from the corruption of this world; we need to be careful not to jump back in. Maintaining our spiritual life is very important and sometimes it’s more costly to maintain than it is to get it in the first place. But if we don’t maintain it, we could lose it all.

In eternity, no one will be sleeping. We need to wake up now before we wake up in eternity and it’s too late.

Being born again is like a chicken hatching out of an egg. You see the egg and there is a work going on inside but you can’t see it. But there comes a time when the egg has to hatch and that work is revealed. The hen can only sit on the egg and care for it, but the work has to be done on the inside. Some eggs have thicker shells than others; what makes the chick strong is fighting its way out of the shell.