Convention Gems - Milford, New Hampshire - 2013

Judgement is God's mind on the matter.

Our God is a God of a second chance.

We reap what we sow - a promise not a threat.

A little from God is a lot.

You can't get further than a conclusion:  "Let’s hear the conclusion of the whole matter ...................."

There is another conclusion in Micah 6.  What does the Lord require of thee?  To love mercy, to do justly and to walk humbly.

Planning with God will not fail.  If we fail to plan, we're planning to fail.

This is the day of mercy.  We don't deserve mercy.  Mercy has a time factor attached to it.  There is no limit to God's mercy, if it is requested.

Walking is the longest form of movement.  You take steps to Heaven.  First step - repentance, second step - baptism.  It’s not in man to direct his own steps aright.

The just man falls seven times, but he riseth up again.  Rising up again makes him just - he doesn't want to stay there.

The Lord can correct us without embarrassing us.  He can correct with His eyes.

Coming to Jesus on behalf of others, Jairus came to Jesus on behalf of his daughter.  Woman with the issue of blood came to Jesus with her own need.

Nothing has changed the Gospel message - it’s the only thing we can put our hope in.

The Spirit is like the wind:  you can see the effects of it, see the results of it on the outside.

The touch of Jesus on the blind man’s eyes:  the blind man couldn't explain, but those around him couldn't deny it.

The Son of Righteousness will rise in us when we pray and read in the mornings. 

Reduce all your cares to prayers.  

The power of restraint is nothing compared to the pain of regret.

Satan doesn't tell us the end results, only the present temporal benefits.

You’re forever in debt to the one that is kind.

What we surrender to can cause us to fall.

There is no time lost in waiting while we're waiting on the Lord.

It’s a sad thing to lose our song; fatal to lose our cry.

Encouragement is contagious, and discouragement is contagious.

Showing the right Spirit when we're wrong is honesty.  Showing the right Spirit when we're right is humility.

Good meditation feeds our hearts.  Good conversation feeds others' hearts.

The victories of others can help us and encourage us but only our own victories can save us.

Love is retained by living, explained by giving.

Good if our attitude is gratitude and our mission, submission.

If we don't kill the enemy, the enemy will kill us.

True Humility:  thinking less of ourselves.

It’s the Spirit that gives the message strength.

Our Heavenly Father has good hearing - He hears our faintest sigh.

Every Child of God is looking towards the Eternal Harvest.

Having the fruits of the Spirit will encourage people to love God more.

If we are obedient to God's Will, there won't be any surprises on the Judgement day.

Faith is more real than the best of men’s reasoning.

There are good examples and bad examples; Jesus was the perfect example.  We can learn from the bad examples what we don't want to be; good examples desiring to be what they are....

When we're young, we can spoil our future. When we're old, we can spoil our past.

Pray until we are soft, read until we are fed.

Life is full of problems and they started in the garden.  We don't know when they will end.

Sometimes we are attracted to alternatives but there is no alternative to Jesus.

The Devil is the accuser of the Brethren.  He tried it with Jesus; he'll try it with you.

Daniel had the wisdom where to draw the line.

"Thou hast heard, But I say unto you........."

What God asks of us is not to make our lives miserable; we will be richer by it.

When God's presence is our portion, Satan won’t touch us.

The draw of the Gospel, the wonderful draw, drawing near to God.

We can conquer battles in the place of prayer before anyone else knows about them.

Fellowship is feeling the heartbeat of Christ in our Brethren.

Friendship isn't Fellowship.  It’s an absolute must that we have Fellowship.

The Devil wants to question our identity.

I never want to be numb to the touch of God or deaf to His voice.  I’m terrified of being fake. 

There was never a baby born that changed the world so much as Jesus did.

When Jesus came to the earth for the first time, it was night/dark.  Jesus will return in the dark.

Heart to Heart talk with God and others, “did not our hearts burn within us”.....

Annual feasting is not a substitute for daily feeding.

Jesus never slept spiritually.

God doesn't argue; He just withholds His peace.

The Lord knows we are very much alive.