Convention Speakers List - Workers' Convention, Pretoria, South Africa - Sunday, March 30, 2014

2-day convention for workers, 93 workers present.

There were three meetings on Saturday and two meetings on Sunday. These were all just like convention meetings, the only difference being that all present were workers. There was a Speakers List (see below) which had the names of the visiting workers and some of the more senior local brothers. In every meeting, there was a time for the remainder of the workers to take part. In the course of the five meetings, all the 93 workers present spoke. 

Saturday, 10:30 AM
Andrew Robijn
Juliet Harper
Judy McIntyre
Ian Rowe

Saturday 15:00
Pieter van Heerden
Hildred Henry
Connie Combe
Barry Longhurst

Saturday 19:00
Graham Adams
Tim Hamilton

Sunday 10:00
Jim Chafee
Beverley Walker
Alan Cooke

Sunday 14:00
Johan Kotze
Anita Forsberg
Dan Henry