Cory Stewart - Poem - Prison, A Place to Love - December 10, 2001

Sometimes, it's hard for me to love my place

I hear swearing, see fighting, and just want to hide my face!

A place Life has given me, a desert land,

But my reassurance is:  My life is in God's right hand!

His strength is my source; it'll keep me through the day

While at the same time I can be a light, and shine in this perfect way!

I need to be that example for God's work to do

I'm the only one professing here, but maybe, there will be 2?!

I need to love the soul, and look beyond the flesh

To give this person a chance to start his life afresh!

How can I shy away, when there are many souls that are lost?

I take a beating daily, but never do I count the cost!

I do it for the name of Christ; I do it out of love.