Dan Henry - 2010

Sent: Friday, January 15, 2010 7:44 AM
Subject. From Dan Henry.

Thank you. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for each note. Pardon me for not answering sooner or to each one.

I could not reach Mike yesterday in the city.  Just now, I was able to speak to him.  Please forgive the brevity of this news...but time to write is minimum this morning.

Mike made his way up into the area where Metor and Suzette live yesterday.  Part of their house fell away, same for Thereameau and Micheline and Montilus and Rozette. All are okay and have gone to relatives in other parts of the city.  Gemelo's house was destroyed. He was hurt badly but alive.  Genese is staying with Caridad, and hurt badly but alive.  Her brother and father were killed in the crush. Luquel and Rahcelle and the family are at Vaillant with Mike. Garry is also there. Luquel's house is damaged and unsafe. They were sleeping in the truck in the street.  Thousands are living in the street. Mike said anytime they opened a cracker package while they walked, they were rushed with hungry people asking for some, and aggressive at times. They saw a truck selling water and trying to get there in time to buy some, but it was sold out that fast and they didn't get any. The entry to Vaillant is full of dead bodies and now bloating in the sun ready to burst. The street is full of hungry people camping. Luquel's boutique is still intact. Mike and boys may go there with backpacks to bring food to Vaillant. They are running out of drinking
water. But I don't see how we can get it to them there. I hope to go today with what I can from Cabaret to another point and meet them so they can take it back in backpacks.

Roselyne Vante was last seen after work headed home. She never came home.  Her child is looking for her. I would only say now, "Presumed dead."

I have no word from the Volel family in Jacmel.  Those at Desmarad are okay. Those in Hinche...okay. Those in Les Cayes...okay.

At 10:00 pm Wednesday night, I got through to Hughes in Jacmel. At the moment, they were pulling the body of his wife from the rubble that was his home. A daughter felt the tremor and dashed for safety, but the mother didn't make it.. The roads to Jacmel are blocked with landslides.

Glenn and Joe are on the way from Jean Rebal to Cabaret today.

A strong tremor again this morning, and three last night.

I am far too small to convey to the suffering Haitians the expression of your love and care for them. I trust the Ministry of the Spirit to carry that flow.

Luquel just got back to me by cell. The Volel family are okay. They are making food to take to Montilus' family.  Metor and Suzette are camping in the dirt soccer field near their home. They are looking for charcoal to cook on.

I must go.

Yves has gone to Carrefour to look for his mother and brother. Allan and Mado are true soldiers. The friends have come and the work has begun at Cabaret already this morning.

With my love to all.

Your brother,