Dan Henry - Haiti - Thursday, January 14, 2010

from Derek.....in the Dominican Republic....

Hughe is the elder in Jacmel. His wife was not professing. The meeting was in the bach, not in Hughe´s home. We just learned that two of Gelen´s cousins were killed in Port au Prince. Gelen is here in Bani, Dominican Republic. He and his wife , Mozane, professed in 2005.
As Dan says below, they have not heard from all the friends yet. Derek (Herlbert)
Emmanuel's mom is fine.  I finally got through to Hughes in Jacmel last night about 10:00.  At the moment they had just recovered the body of his wife from the rubble that was once his home.  He will bury her this morning.  The roads to Jacmel are blocked with landslides.
His son Junior had walked most of the way home from Jacmel.  He had seen Lita (Emannuel's mom) and Sophonie (his cousin).  We don't have word of some of the others there.  Mike is probably going up into the area of Wendy' mother today.  We know Metor and Suzette are fine.  But we didn't have word of Therameau and Micheline and children.  I wanted to go yesterday but what I saw in PAP by that time had made me so sick and weak, I just couldn't do it. I came back to Cabaret to try to save the building here. 
We've began bringing material and we're at it now.The pillars are damaged but it is standing.  Mike stayed in Vaillant and will be doing all he can to help there.  I'm torn between here and there...and am just grateful for the help of these men.  Glenn and Joe are coming today.  It's going to be a shock for Glenn....I don't think
 it really had sunk in what has happened here.
Dan (Henry)