Dan Henry - Haiti Convention Grounds - January 18, 2010

We have no phones. But the wireless is working thanks to the inverter and batteries. Mike, Allan, Yves, Mado and I are fine.

It was a tremendous shake. The walls of the factory room are badly broken, the pillars are damaged but the house stands. Several of the windows are out of their place. Everything upstairs is all over from the shake. The wall by the fish tank fell, and the wall of the brothers' quarters fell out, too.

It is now dark. We've put up two tents for the night. From time to time, a tremor passes. Many houses on the hill fell in a heap. No one was killed there. But word is coming that some were killed in Cabaret.

As I said, we have no phone signal so we do not know anything about Port au Prince or the rest of Haiti. Allan and I were visiting upstairs when it hit. The whole floor was shaking up and down like a huge head of a drum. It moved back and forth so much the mattresses in the depot are on the floor, the shop is a mess. At this point I'm not sure if we can save the factory and house....we'll see what the night holds.

Your brother,
Dan Henry