Dan Stewart Memorial Service - Sherwood Park - February 22, 2007

Merlin, Willis & Brett have taken their seats at the front.   Garth McDonald is playing. The family is coming in... many of them!

Merlin reads the obituary... Brett leads in prayer. 

Hymn 232 - "God is Faithful"

Alex Howden and grand-daughter Jaylene are reading the eulogy. Dan's friends range from very young to very old...  He was the first to be there when it was time to help family and friends. The older brother, we all looked up to, and quite a thing that we were now brought together, on family day, to witness his passing. In his life he taught us how to be a man and in his death, how to be a child!

Marlin... Romans 10:10 Told that Dan was in a Gospel service last Sunday... and what happened. (Explained a Gospel meeting)  Someone had asked for the opportunity to express their choice. Two men stood, Dan was one of them. This was the kindest thing he could have done for his family!  Spoke of the two thieves on either side of Jesus. Luke 23:39 ....Today thou shalt be with me in paradise! Jesus was dying for sinners.  The one on one side died, a forgiven sinner. The other died an unforgiven sinner. These two represent all of mankind. One of the things those men heard Jesus say from the cross was "Father forgive them..."  Perhaps this is what gave the one thief hope. Spoke of the 5 things the repentant thief said...1st. In rebuking the other thief, he took a stand for Jesus. Not a popular thing at that time, or at any time. 2nd thing... He said "We're wrong." We could all be considered theives, in the sense of taking our life into our own hands. 3rd point... Jesus is Right!! He is perfect and has done nothing wrong.  4th.. he called Jesus LORD and wanted Him to have dominion over him. Sunday night, Dan bowed his knee before God and in so doing, expressed his life and will were yielded to God.  5th... He recognized a kingdom, not of this world and asked for help to be a part of it. On his way out of Sunday meeting, Dan said, "You're going to have to help me." Thankful for all that has happened this past weekend that takes the sting out of death today.

The next hymn is the one that Dan stood up in on Sunday.  "The Tender Shepherd's Voice"

Willis... Mine is the privilege to be with, weep with, and rejoice with this family. Have been thinking of three words... Peace, Joy and Consolation. Peace that passeth understanding, Joy that is unspeakable, and the consoling comfort of God. Thought of Simeon in Luke (Luke Also Isaiah 61: To comfort them that mourn....  Wonderful revelation Simeon received before he died. He would not see Death until he had seen the Lord's Christ and could depart in peace, according to His Word. As with Simeon, God also knew that Dan would not see death until he had seen the Lord's Christ. (There are other kinds of peace that are not according to His word.)  Then there is Uspeakable joy... Wonderful to receive the joy of the Lord! It is beyond words! Wonderful to find Christ, in a world of confusion and religion. After the Joy of finding, comes the joy of fellowship, and then the joy that comes later, that eye hath not seen...the glory that will follow!  Comfort... the consoling comfort of God. II Corinthians 1... the God of all comfort! What follows, the surrendered life to God, is unspeakable!

Hymn 270   "Tomorow's Path"

Merlin closes in prayer... thankful for what this experience has done for our hearts. Thankful for God's mercy to Dan... Consider our own soul and its destiny...  You may get other reports from Regina later but thought you might like a little tidbit from today. It has been a season of DEEP feelings for many peope... We have never and may never see another event like it!

In His Care...Marion