Daniel Henry - Haiti 2010

How special to hear from Dan after several days of silence.  again, notes in red to help you follow the story.  gkp  (Picture Link at bottom of page)
Sent: 2/1/2010 7:18:29 A.M. Central Standard Time
As we sat in a circle in the old bach in Jacmel (on south coast, across rugged mountains from P-au-P) yesterday morning, with emblems of Christ's body and blood in the middle on a little round table, again and again members of this living body were just, "I want to love Him more."  Hughes (elder) had mopped the floor.  The meeting room was quite normal.  But upstairs, the old wooden bach where we've had many wonderful times the past 10 years was a mess.  I hardly think it is repairable.  It really doesn't matter in face of the suffering of those sitting in that circle.  Hughes lost his wife.  Another lady died in the crush of her home.  That lady's child was assumed dead but found alive two days after the quake in a space in the fallen concrete.  Another child lost a leg. 
 After the meeting we stood by the rubble and Hughes 6'4" son, Junior, wanted to lead me through the debris to show me the spot where his mom was found.  Somehow it seems he found comfort in standing there for a moment with me.  I've known him since he was a child.  He was in Port au Prince when the quake struck.  He spent a day and a night walking to get over the mountains to Jacmel.  The road is open and we traveled without incident but you wouldn't want to do it at night.  There are many landslides covering it and places where the road is split wide open, deeply crevassed  and caved away.  In the meeting Hughes was the first to pray and the first to speak.  He said when he rushed home and stood in front of the pile of concrete and twisted re-bar, he remembered Solomon's  words,  "All is vanity!"   And then Jesus' words came in his heart, "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my Word shall never pass away."  And he bowed his head there and thanked Him for the Gospel.  He said, "All is gone in a moment and it can happen again at any time.  All I am asking God for is more of his Word within me, knowing this will never pass away."  Muciane (19) lost many friends when her school fell.  She gave herself for several years to folkloric dancing.  And was a valued member of her troop.  But when the director began to train them in voudou dancing she made a choice to leave it.  Her mother is deeply into that.  But she came to meetings with her sister, Sophonie and brother, Jean Michel, and Christ's voice called her away from all of that.  She is His joyful follower.  It's been a joy to walk with her.  She spoke of the panic of trying to get out of their home, really a depot for food stuffs, and no door would open in the pounding upheaval.  Then once out in the street she looked down on the body of an eight year old neighbor girl.  She cried.  And stooped to touch her.  She shared this, "I looked at her and thought I'm not better than her, my heart is not purer than her heart.  Why did God take her and not take me?"  I feel the same time and again.  Then Muciane said, "God spared me, many things I don't understand, but I love Him and from now on for the rest of my life I only want to serve him every hour and every minute of my life.  I see nothing else worthy of love more than Him."  I am learning that Worship is the most beautiful of all things the inspired human heart can do.  And I am overjoyed that God has planned that very thing is our portion for all eternity.
After meeting Jonas told us about volunteering with a group of 9 boys and 1 girl going through the streets of Carrefour and carrying away the dead in pickup.  And three of the young folks came down from their meeting in the mountain at Lozier. 

It was moment of exuberance when communications with the Canadian embassy opened by cell phone and so much happened in such a short hours after days and weeks of anxiety for the adopting parents of Emmanuel and Rania.  We took them to the embassy and they joined a group of over 30 orphans being kept there for the night and then put on a special flight to Ottawa.  All of these had been accepted in the program of adoption before the quake.  They are safely home.
And it was a poignant moment to take three of these men who had worked so hard for 11 days with us to the airport to return on the Cessna.  Our friend and pilot, Jan stayed and the owner of the plane flew them to Miami.  I know they were bone weary.  The tents he brought are a refuge at this time for the families sleeping outside, afraid to sleep inside even if their homes are intact. 

At least yesterday we checked the fuel gauge before we left Cabaret for Jacmel.  Last Sunday, in the rush of so many last minute details, I didn't look at the gauge of the Toyota pickup and down the road realized we were running on fumes.  Hoping to make to Port au Prince to fuel up, I kept looking for one of those guys selling fuel on the side of the road out of drums.  None.  In the city, station after station was closed.  Then it happened.  She died.  But we were on a downhill slope, coasted a good long ways, coasted through a green light and right into a gas station that was open and right up to the pump and asked the attendant to "Fill 'er up."  God Provide!  (God Provide is what one of the elders in French Guiana says all the time.  It has become an 'expression' amongst the staff there for years--- be sure and say it with a British accent!! )
The work here (at the grounds)  will soon reach a stage where though not completed we can leave.  We pray that God will guide the next steps. (how to help the friends)  There is a right way that He can bless.  There are myriad ways that would seem right in the sight of men that could bring disappointment and difficulties.  I am praying he will guide us in the right way.  And ways are opening to relocate, rebuild, repair and go on. 
Glen Yung, Derek and Gerardo  (brother workers from Dom Rep)  visited Caridad (lady flown by helicopter to the hosp) in the tent hospital when they brought supplies here last week. We had thought of bringing her here or to Vaillant.  But the Drs. want to keep her and she is to have skin graft over the wound.  They wish for her to remain with them for 5 days after that because the operation is so sensitive.  I just can't express what this care means to us. 
We watched the Brazilian army in combat gear keeping order when a container of food was being opened for those living in a tent (actually sheets on sticks) camp.  It hurt to see a fight break out in the line, shoving, fists flying.  Again and again these words come to mind, "Fear not little flock."  I am forever grateful to the nations reaching out and spending millions to help the masses in distress.  So often, I find myself feeling that I do so little.  And wishing I too could help them more. But in the midst of it all we are eye witnesses to the Hand of God flying out to comfort, heal and care for a little flock.  An advantage of a little flock is closeness to the shepherd, He knows them by name, they are His....the apple of His eye.  We have seen His faithfulness.  Some are lambs and couldn't shove and fight.  The Lord cares for His lambs.  "Fear not little flock."  The greatness of God is that if all the world would serve Him it would still be a little flock. (I had much the same thoughts as I looked at the contrast of the faces of our friends compared to the angry, desperate faces in the news)  He is able.
Was great to have Mike go with us to Jacmel yesterday, like old times.  He is getting a truck load of water for those camped in the street out front this morning.  (Mike and Dan were stranded in Haiti, their passports in the gov. offices, a few years ago in a political upheaval.  They were in the Jacmel bach for days, after it was unsafe to be in Port-au-Prince... then when it was unsafe in Jacmel they went up the mountains from there, for a few weeks.  Worked helping the friends, and having mtgs. at night.  When they left and came back down to the bach, they left a new Sun. a.m. meeting up there, and found the bach unharmed.--- to that ONE sentence up there hold's much meaning!)
With gratitude for each message, thought and prayer.
Your brothers,