David and Saul

David's enemy pursed him unmercifully.  But Saul had an enemy, too, and his fatal mistake was that the enemy convinced him there were new rules in this warfare. Like the enemy says to us, "You are really a hypocrite, so you might as well quit."   That leaves us with no good alternative:  1) quit  or  2) continue being a hypocrite.    David understood that this is faith's fight.  We are well able to do anything with the help and direction of God. 

Goliath made a promise, "If you win, we will surrender and be your servants."  The enemy is a liar.  We can obey the options he gives, but the outcome will NEVER be what he says.

I Samuel 19:18, David fled from the enemy and went to the servant of God and told him all that the enemy had done to him and said to him.  It is all right and safe to talk to the servants or saved people.  Saul even apologized to David, but it never put David off his guard.  The enemy can look so soft and so changed, but we can never believe the enemy. 

David fled into the hold instead of believing the enemy.  All the ugly things the enemy did to David never brought out wrong in David.  We could say, "Oh yes, I let my temper go because I was in a crisis."  Being stressed out never gives us license to lash out or hurt or be angry with another.  God allows a crisis so we can see our problem and work on it by the help of God.  A pure heart will react like Christ in any crisis.

When the Ark of the Lord (Presence of God) was taken, David made tremendous effort until he had it safely back.  We can have many things but without the Presence of God, it means nothing.  The Presence of God makes up for the lack of many things.  Any decision is easy when the Presence of God is near.

David sinned but he was quick to repent.  The devil would tell us, "There is forgiveness without repentance OR time will take care of sin."  NOTHING takes care of unrepented sin.  We don't need to make a public announcement about our sin but we MUST repent before God as David did, "Before Thee and Thee only have I sinned."

Most of David's mistakes were made when he was older.  As a young person, he behaved himself wisely and more wisely and in all his choices he inquired of the Lord and obeyed, but when he was older he took things into his own hands and made some mistakes that brought severe consequences.  The Lord even told him that He had given him everything and if only he had asked that HE would also have given him such and such. Oh, to ask God for all our needs because He is able to do everything.