Deaf Special Meeting - 2005

Hi, this is from Brittany about her trip to Iowa to the Deaf Special Meeting:

This is an account of my experience this past weekend at the Deaf Special Meetings in Forest City, Iowa. I went with Christine O'Horo (a deaf woman who professed last year at Milford Convention). We left Boston airport at 11 on Friday morning (March 25th) flew to Minneapolis/St.Paul airport.  We had 45 minutes to walk from one end of the airport to the furthest point.  You could go on the other side of the airport (to catch our connecting flight) and when we arrived they told us if we had been two minutes later the door would have been shut. That normally would not have been too big of a problem but on average 3 flights go to Mason City (our destination) that could have been tricky. Anyway we made it and arrived in Mason City where Shawn Peck picked us up. We stayed at his parents' home (Greg and Barb Peck).  He drove through (he lives in Chicago) and he picked us up. It was about a half hour to his parents' home from the airport. 2 workers, Jennifer Brown and Sandra (I don't remember her last name), were there.

Later in the evening, Summer Stoneburger (PA) and Sonny Rice (MI) arrived. Summer and Sonny interpret in meeting for the Lambeths (a deaf couple and their girl) in Michigan so they came down for the weekend as well. On Saturday they had a silent special meetings. About 60 people there. Around 10-15 Deaf people. Most of the workers there know sign language and the workers that had moved to other fields that had been there before all came back. The workers gave their testimonies in sign language and it was a normal special meetings except for the fact that everyone was signing and there was no voice. It is quite different to pay attention to. It is hard to take notes because you don't want to miss anything and after a day of that your eyes are hurting! The deaf folk's testimonies were wonderful. They were so thankful that the workers were taking an interest in their lives and that God was so wonderful and not a respecter of persons or of a language or means of communicaiton. The deaf did not care if the person speaking knew sign language good or not but it was all about the attitude and if they were willing to try.

We had two meetings and then afterwards pizza was ordered in and we had dinner there too. Then all the deaf people went back to someone's hotel and got to know each other better. We heard from the platform about a verse in proverbs that talks about the lazy man staying in the house when he hears the lions roar outside the house. We heard about Daniel not letting the lion's roar get in the way of his prayers, and David did not allow the lion to get in the way of his tending to the sheep, and Samson didn't allow the lion's roar to scare him from the way he was going. We heard about tending to the things that could hinder us from our service and not being lazy and allowing them to become excuses as to why we don't serve the Lord. On Sunday someone said they were expecting around 200 but never heard anything afterwards. On Sunday it was in sign and voiced at the same time. The workers signed and spoke so it was a little more choppy than on Saturday but it worked well. I had the privilege (though it didn't seem like a privilege at the time) to voice interpret for the deaf people for both meetings on Sunday. This was the first time for me to interpret in front of such a large crowd in a microphone so that was an interesting experience. The workers all thanked me afterwards for doing it and Greg Peck (who normally does it) I think was glad to have a break this year. He has been doing it for almost 30 years!!!

Sunday there was a Deaf-Blind man there. I had met him before when he was attending Gallaudet in Washington DC. He is married and has 3 boys. One is 4 and twins are around a year old. His wife is an amazing woman to take care of everything! So we had to have someone interpret for him into his hand and then he gave his testimony as well. He spoke about the seraphim angels in Proverbs 6. Even though they had 6 wings they didn't use their wings in the same way other angels did. Many people look at him and pity him. But they shouldn't because he has 3 senses left and they are very acute. The angels used what they had in the way God had planned and he wanted to use what he had in the way God had planned for him. I thought that was very nice. When you talk to him he is so intelligent, makes you wonder how it is possible to learn without vision or hearing. Pretty amazing. We heard from the platform about the members of the body working together. When one hand has a hammer and accidently hits the thumb on the other hand, the hurting hand doesn't grab the hammer and whack the other hand back. The hand with the hammer instead puts the hammer down and does what it can to relieve the pain of the hurting hand. Also if one hand has some food it can't get nourishment from it by holding onto it, but it must share the food with the ENTIRE body for it to be beneficial to the hand.

Directly after meeting, we left to go to the airport.  Shawn was heading back to Chicago at the same time so he dropped us off. Got back to Boston around 10:30pm Sunday night. A wonderful experience. Everything was so simple and easy to understand and remember. It was amazing talking to Christine on the way home about what she was expecting and what she learned. Everyone had a wonderful spirit. It's not something I will soon forget. Here is a list of workers who spoke. There were more workers there but this is the list of names I was given of speakers: Lyle Schober, Shari Stamps, Chris Postma, Dirk Henry (nephew of Dan), Heidi Peck (daughter of the people I stayed with), Loren Quick, Eunice Ladwig, Diane Harper, Dena Keever, Dean Dykstra, Jeff Thayer, Titus Lehman, Anita Forsberg, Kelly Holt (origionally from NH), Jennifer Brown, Tim Vaughan, Jennifer Bartels, Dale Wipf, Lynae Dykstra. Sorry it's so long but there was so much to tell I didn't want to leave anything out!