Della Pratt - Morning Meeting, Special Meetings Brockville, Ontario, Canada - November 29, 1936

Ephesians 2, it cost God a lot to bring us into His Family, out of bondage.  Great love has been given us. 

Jesus gave a great Sacrifice.  He is an example that we can follow.  God’s Servants have to sacrifice too before we can be God’s children. 

It means a lot for you to give us a message to give for others and to have a place in His Family.  People of the World have not the Word of God.  It is all Form.  It means a lot for us to fit into each other. 

Need of our hearts being softened and humbled so that God can Work in us.  There is need of yielding to Him.  We all have our weaknesses.  He looks on us in our weakness.  Glad that God can soften our hearts.