Dellas Linaman - September 9, 2005

Want to get a few lines written today, like to keep in touch - do value hearing very much.  Just returned to Taiwan on Tuesday, so have been busy with various things.  Next Tuesday, our Special Meeting visitors will come from Philippines and our time for Special will start.  After, I will be with Kevin here in the Taipei area.  Glad he is young and will help to keep me from getting lost.  How we do value our younger companions, as they are so valuable and appreciated.  Surely is sad when they are becoming so few.

Valued my time in Europe for the first time.  Returning, came by way of Dubai and had 5 days there - all an enriching experience.  One notices the differences in each place but what one values and enjoys is the Oneness that is in the fellowship.  In Dubai is a hotel of all hotels, acknowledged to be the world's most luxurious hotel, Burj Akl Arab.  It is 321 meters high, doesn't have rooms it has suites, 202 of them.  The most expensive in the Royal suite with a price tag of $10,200. U.S. for one night.  The cheapest lunch is from $200-$400.  On the 27th floor is a helicopter pad, also has a fleet of Rolls-Royces for guest convenience.  It is an attempt to satisfy the richest.  It all caused me to think of Paul when he said, "Be content with your food and raiment."  To be content with just food and raiment, you needs be poor.  If not content with food and raiment, you're too rich and won't be content with anything else, either! 

Paul mentioned being poor, yet making many rich, having nothing yet possessing all things.  It was to the multitudes that Jesus said, "Except you forsake all you cannot be my disciple."  It is this 'forsaking all' that makes one poor and a beggar now, better to be one now, than throughout all eternity.  All Spiritual blessing
come to those who are poor in spirit.  Not being content perhaps sounds a warning.  Feels good to be back and looking forward to what is ahead, as we
know the "Best is yet ahead." 

So many thanks for yours and looking forward to hearing again.