Dellas Linaman - "Not Washed Away" - October 5, 2005

So many thanks for your email - feels good to be in touch.  No, we aren't washed away.  In fact, we fared very well here in the mountains.  Mountains seem to break some of its force.  We did stay close to home, though.  Kevin and I have moved into a batch, the one right next to the convention place here in Wulai.  Very beautiful setting - here in the mountains.  We are getting starting with our meetings.  Yesterday was a "free" day, so spent all day and part of the night looking up old contacts of 12 years ago.  So good to find some of them with a changed attitude and voiced a desire to attend meeting.  So good when one feels the needs of the soul.  A person in his testimony said, "I want a living need."  Enjoying nice days, not to hot and no typhoon in sight??


We find so many people feeling a great need or lack in their lives, but they just can’t seem to realize the big problem is just too busy.  People are just so busy, busy, even working overtime – so busy, who do they owe?  The Bible says owe no man anything except love and good works.  Another verse says that we are not debtors to the flesh – so why so busy?  Too bad, more aren’t busy with the affairs of the Kingdom.  There is so much eternal worth in this.  No, it isn’t simple to live simple, quiet lives.  We heard at one of the conventions about being quiet before meeting – this is an invitation to God’s Spirit to come into our midst.  It is only what He gives us of His Spirit that we can give back.  His Holy Spirit working along with our conscience, so many seem to neglect the conscience and its importance.  Romans 2:l4-15.  The Gentiles who didn’t have the law yet they had a conscience. a conscience that was working for them.  II Corinthians 1:12, Paul speaks of the testimony of our conscience.  It is possible for one to have much knowledge about the Gospel but, because of their conscience, the work of the Holy Spirit can not be accomplished in their hearts.  A defiled conscience needs to be cleansed again, has to be brought to the right place for this - Hebrews 9:14.