Dellas Linaman - Pretoria 1 Convention - 2003

Gospel Meeting: Hymn 93- Only One Life

You can spend your life only once. When someone was asked how it felt to be 93 years of age, they answered, "Oh, just another set of tests again." Can we say, "Lord I give my all."  If there is a time we cease to give our all, we are going to lose. What is life? Going on a fishing trip? Is it determined by how much you can enjoy? Life is what is happening while you make plans to do something else. Today is a day that you want to live because it's all we've got.


Today if you hear his voice, harden not your hearts. Wasting time is wasting life. Our friend recorded how much she did and was shocked what she had wasted time on. Proverbs tells us a time for this or that, but it does not say a time to serve God. Satan's best friend, busy, is to rob us of these things. Our friend said, "If I had not spent so much time sweeping, dusting the house…" You can seek and find. What are you seeking for? Is it something that has value to it? Is it just what everyone else is looking for? What are you seeking in Jesus' words? You better be sure what you are seeking. What is your goal, purpose?  Jesus gave us the cross and taught us to hang ourselves on it. If something dies, how long do we keep it? God is not interested in our lives or bodies, He wants to give us life.


"I am the resurrection and the Life."  Knowledge is to become acquainted with Christ. To know the Father and the Son is Life eternal. I can go on about Abram but he doesn't know me and I don't know him. In the Old Testament, they were looking for the light of life. In the Old Testament, there were types and shadow. Our most vital thing in life is to know Jesus. Jesus weeping over Jerusalem did not save Jerusalem. People say we have gone to church and they talk about peace but we don't have peace. DO we have peace, we need to be honest with ourselves? One husband said to his professing wife, "You believe you go to heaven and I to hell."  His little boy looked at him and said, "Daddy, can I go, too?"  This changed the fathers attitude. Console your children.


I will never forget the day that God's servant came to our home.  Why?  Because there was peace. Peace is rewarding. Let peace rule in your heart. Peace will still take the place of many thousands of laws and rules. A disciple is one who is learning from Jesus. A student has no desire to become like his teacher, but a disciple does. We can have belief but not faith. What people taught was faith turned out to be a belief, and then they are lost. In Luke 13, we read of a knocking, an asking. A lot of people wish they had never asked for things they wished for, once was a treasure is now a burden to us now. Would we find our treasure in heaven? Your treasure is where your heart is.


A villager in Taiwan goes to see some wild boar teeth necklaces. Oh, if only I had the money to buy it?  Where is your treasure?  Where will it be when you come to that day?  The only way you will get to heaven…. Your heart has to be there first. Few be saved because the way is narrow. It is awfully narrow, but it would be wrong if it wasn't. Strive to enter. Many went away.  Why?  Because they did not strive. I know you not… can you think of the desperation on the brink of eternity?  There will be a lot of surprises. We ate in your presence, you workers of iniquity.   You know what you should do, but you don't do.  We better wake up before that day. We have 365 chance every year.


Friday afternoon

Dellas Linaman (Oh teach me how to love)

2 Peter 2:1