Dellas Linaman – Taiwan - 2011


The good news from Taiwan is that Wayne Squair received his Resident Permit to labor in Taiwan and now as of last Monday, Paul Chiu has also received his Permit to labor there. This is generally for one year being easy to renew it. You’d know that the Laiyi convention grounds are completely buried under rock from the recent typhoons and flooding. Many of our friends have left the village already. Some feel that even the area that was higher is in danger from future flooding as the river bed continues to rise. Hard to think of all the labor of building nice new homes there, are now having to be left behind. A place has been rented not too far and on the edge of the mountain area where this year’s convention can be held. Laiyi continues to hold out many fond memories for me as we witnessed the hand of God undertaking for those wonderful souls delivering them from such darkness. The Gospel meeting still continues there and have heard of 4 more planning for the step of baptism.

So much negative news in the world today so it is good to hear positive news of the Kingdom. We would be missing so much if we didn’t have the Kingdom for our news. They have a sister starting in the work in England at preparation time. Heard of a sister starting in Ireland, also. Nicola Law started in Sweden. A Brother is starting in Switzerland, Adrian Suss, and two new workers in the Netherlands. Roland Werk has started in the work from East Germany, the first from that land since the fall of the wall. Also heard of a brother and two sisters starting in Korea and the young lady from Burma, Edwina going to Cambodia to start out there next month. Seems that Hazel will be going there to help. Do hope that this all will come to pass, as the need for young lives to go forth is so great. Hear that it was very good to see so many fine young workers at 5 of the West Africa conventions, 5 brothers from Benin and one sister, 5 brothers from Togo, 2 sisters form Nigeria, 1 brother from Ghana, 1 sister from Liberia. Mark Mannheim (sp?) just started in the work in AZ last January, he is with Kent Williston.