Diane Broughton - The Journey is too Great - Olympia, Washington - 1977

I Kings 19:4-7, Elijah felt there was no point in living anymore. He lay down and slept and someone was preparing something for him and it was a cake baked on the coals and a cruse of water at his head. This is what has been happening at this convention. Those in touch with God have been preparing something for me while I slept. And he did eat and drink and laid him down again. And the angel of the Lord came again the second time and touched him and said, "Arise and eat; because the journey is too great for thee."

The journey is too great for me. No matter how easy today, the journey is too great for just me. Next week's journey far too great, next year's journey, far beyond me, too great. I do not know if I can tell you how much. There is One who knows the journey is too great, who sees the journey far beyond and He has prepared something for me. There has never been a year that I have been more desperate to get something at convention than this year. There is provision right in the journey, sometimes ahead of the journey. There was something for him in a journey he hadn’t even started yet. A great thing for me at convention. The future journey of my life is too much for me. I have feared so much I would miss it when the journey has just been about impossible. When the journey has been just about impossible, He is there.

Yesterday, He made provision for me. Today's provision is partly for today and also preparation for tomorrow and we do not know what our journey is going to entail. I hope we do not miss the things God is preparing. Elijah was alone, no one to talk to, and even if there had been provision, he felt he wasn’t even serving God, but One understood. When you fear the journey is impossible, can you remember One understands the depth of your sacrifice and how much it takes to make a days journey? He knows the journey is too great for thee.

There were two journeys Jesus made that were too much. John 4, He was weary and sat on the well. It was a special thought that encouraged me. Jacobs well was there and Jacob had been faithful in digging this well because he needed water for himself, his flocks and herds. Hundreds of years later his master would find the quiet resting place. All Jacob was doing was looking after his journey. He didn’t know he would be helping some one else when the journey was too great for Him. My brethren are not doing anything great but being faithful when the journey is too much. You folks have workers who have gone to another country. Because you folks are faithful, that just the thought they are thousands of miles away when they think back on you, the journey is too great, the thought of your life is a quiet resting place and they have strength for the next step. He was tired and hungry and His disciples went to buy something to eat and He said, "I have meat to eat ye know not of." Sometimes when the journey is too much, maybe what we need is not for some one else to do something for us but to forget ourselves and do something for someone else. In so doing, Jesus was a help to her and was refreshed.

The journey from the garden to the cross. He knew about this journey ahead of time. Sometimes there are journeys even before we face them. It was too much for Him. You remember He prayed desperately. If God is showing the step, not the journey that comes, I hope that is the attitude we face it with. He prayed, the angel came. After that He prayed more earnestly, even after that He prayed more earnestly. We dare not face the journey alone. The disciples faced the journey. They knew He would be taken from them. Jesus encouraged them to pray but because they slept for sorrow instead of praying, they were sleeping. The journey is too much but it is not impossible. Not impossible because there is nothing too hard for God. There is only one thing that would make our journey impossible. Jonah turned and fled and took his own way. Only one way is impossible and that is our own way. I am so grateful He knows how hard the way is and more than that He is going to give us more than everything we need for it. I feel my desire is to keep my next step faithful.