Dick Middleton - Servant of God

He was a lad when Jesus passed his way,
And still at home, just living day to day.
The gospel called and "Yes" was his reply
To follow Jesus and to daily die.
Working with "Pop" with dates in desert soil,
He made a living with his sweat and toil.

Another call came to him as a man,
With struggles new to utter "Yes" again.
With Heaven's help, he left behind his home
And dreams; he had to find one for his own,
To spend his days sowing the precious seed,
Bringing new life to those who felt their need.

The days flew by and months turned into years.
He learned to always take to God his fears,
Became a soldier; hardness he endured.
Self he denied; God's favor he procured.
God gave him grace; courage He did bestow,
To be a friend yet, bravely face the foe.

Then as he worked God did a work in him
And filled his heart with love clear to the brim,
Made him a shepherd, humble, meek, and kind.
He made him wise, answers of peace to find,
To love the truth and ever live in light,
Yet, see in color, not in black and white.

When his health left, we never heard, "Why me?"
But as before, "My life I yield to Thee."
Four words were his; he used them every day,
"Thank you so much" - it was his life and way.
He had it rough but he did not complain,
For in his life, he'd learned to deal with pain.

With grateful hearts our thanks today we raise
For this dear servant, faithful all his days,
And we do plead that others God would call,
That they like Jesus would yield up their all.
All praise is God's, the glory His alone.
He's taken home to Him one of His own.