Did You Pray or Criticize?

Did you see your brother lagging

'Neath a load so great in size?

And his feet began to falter

Did you pray or criticize?


Then another love came tempting

To companionship unwise

And he yielded just a little

Did you pray or criticize?


You remembered not his labours

Self denial, sacrifice

But could only see the failures

Did you pray or criticize?


And the hurt of stones a'flinging

Savoured by some little lies

Bowed him lower and still lower

Did you pray or criticize?


Then, at last, he fell before it

Lost sight of the thing most prized.

Oh, my brother, was it lacking

Failed to pray but criticized?


I remember I am human

And my boat may yet capsize

Oh, I hope that if I am sinking

Some will pray .... not criticize.