Domenic Enretta - Gems

I Samuel 20, David and Jonathan said goodbye. Jonathan had unselfish love because he was prepared to give up his place in the kingdom to David. David had an unselfish love because he would not raise his hand against God's anointed.

The love in the heart of our Father to send Jesus to this earth was an unselfish love. The love that moved Jesus to be willing to become poor that we could become rich, and to be made the sinner so that we could have hope was an unselfish love. The love that binds us to this kingdom of God is also the love that separates us because it is an unselfish love-charity seeketh not her own.

God is no man's debtor and He blesses a willing sacrifice.

Charity is always the answer, no matter what the situation. Charity always helps us to know what to do and what not to do, so that we can be what we should be to everyone in every situation.