Domenic Enrietta - Fourth Spearker at Memorial Service for Margaret Knaggs - Columbia, MO - February 5, 2011

Grave Side

Hymn 11, "Jesus is Still the Same" (Congregational singing)

Margaret would have chosen that hymn in gospel meetings for years.  Her voice had been silenced, but the voice of faith still speaks.  Jesus as Son of Man, but also Son of God.  She is now a witness of faith to us, as in Hebrews 11.  Anticipation of His second coming...wherefore seeing we are set about....  Margaret spoke to us on such a way that we would look to Jesus. What is most important is to remember what Jesus did and said.  Margaret tried to be an echo of that...  Jesus Christ yesterday, today forever...a life, which can be only lived with His help and power. 

John 5, when the dead shall hear the voice of God.   

Verse 28, the future hour...

John 6, should raise it up again.... What things were gain for me were counted but loss....