Don Garland - Pretoria Convention, Gauteng, South Africa - 1992

Clarence Anderson told us a little story of what happened after their Conventions in Mexico were finished. Garret Hughes was, leaving and there was a Mexican sister who couldn't speak English, but wanted to say, "Thank you," to Garret in a languages he could understand. She asked how she must say it (in English). The Llord is pleased when we say, "Thank you," in a language He can understand. Mary washed Jesus's feet and anointed them with costly ointment. I believe she was saying, "Thank you," in a language He could understand.

I never liked broken things. If anything of mine broke, I would just give it to my younger brother! Now I've come to appreciate some broken things. Some things are more valuable after being broken than before.

1. Farmland has to be broken to be used. Jeremiah 4:3, "Break up your fallow ground and sow not among thorns." If the ground is not broken up and ploughed, thorns and weeds will just keep coming up. It's only natural that they should. If we don't plough and break up our fallow ground, then all that grows is that which comes naturally, human nature! It is not a credit to God, just like weeds are not a credit to a farmer's fields.

2. Our wills. When our wills are broken, we become more useful to God and His people. Matthew 21 :44, "And whosoever shall fall on this stone shall be broken but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder." It is a precious thing in God's eyes when we (our wills) are broken on this stone. I was sitting at the back of a convention when the meeting was tested. A mother and her daughter were sitting together and a little way away from them, a lady stood up, weeping. The little girl asked her mother why the lady was crying. I couldn't hear her answer, but I could see that she had fallen on the stone and was broken. A 70 year old lady came to a number of our meetings and as she was going out the one night, she said that if she believed and obeyed this gospel, it would cost her the most precious thing that she had. I asked her what that was, and she replied, "My own will." My younger sister was very stubborn and willful. The one day, we had visitors and she had a little tantrum. She was only 3, but she lay on the floor and screamed and cried and kicked. My father told her to get up but she didn't. So he went to the kitchen and got the strap. He showed it to her and said again, "I said, 'Get up.'" She didn't, but oh! How she suffered. Often we suffer because we don't want our wills to be broken. If our wills are broken, it makes us much more useful.

3. Mark 14, that woman broke the alabaster box of very precious ointment over Jesus's head. Others estimated the value of that ointment to be 300 pennies' worth. That was about a years wages in those days. But she broke it over Jesus's head. After it was broken, the value could not even be estimated. That day, she exchanged her earthly treasure for a heavenly treasure. My older sister had what we call a hope chest. (Us boys used to call it her hopeless chest) She used to buy things for her home one day, and keep them in this hope chest. She would never let us look into it, so we asked her if we could put some of our things in it, but she wouldn't allow that either! Anyway, she later opened it and shared it with her husband. She gave what was only her treasure to share it with him. It is a precious thing in God's eyes when we exchange earthly pleasures for heavenly treasures. There was an American soldier at a Korean convention and after the convention, everyone was so happy, but I noticed that this soldier was weeping. I asked him if someone had hurt his feelings or if anything was wrong. He said no, he must just write a letter. He was engaged to a young lady and had seen the need in God's harvest field. He wrote to her and told her this and that would she please accept his decision to break up their relationship. She answered that she was willing and that he must please just forget her. I heard that she was very, very sad and broken. It cost a lot for both of them, but it was precious in Gods eyes.

4. Ephesiana 2:14, "Christ ... hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us." The wall between the Jews and Gentiles. When the Berlin wall was broken down, there was great rejoicing. There is no wall in Korea but it has been under Japanese rule now for 35 years. Some came over from Japan to help us at our
conventions. Everyone appreciated them so much and also when some from Korea went over to Japan, they appreciated their help, too. In Christ, the wall is broken down
. Jesus talked with the woman of Samaria by the well. Jews had no dealings with the Samaritans, but Jesus had broken down the wall. In Nehemiah's day, it was pathetic? The walls had all been broken down. That is one thing that we must not allow to be broken? The walls that keep us separated from the world. We must keep them strong.

5. Revelations 5, John wept because nobody was worthy to break the seal. An elder told him not to weep because of the Lamb that was slain and that was worthy to lose the seal. It is wonderful that we can look into God's word and God's book, just because of the Lamb that was stain.

6. Leviticus 26:13, "I have broken the bands of your yoke, and made you go upright." God's people were under a yoke of bondage. We should always rejoice for the yoke that we've been saved from. There is a very poor widow in Korea. She was under the yoke of the Pentecostal Church. We were having meetings and then one day, she asked us to go to one of her church meetings. My companion, Sproulie Denio, agreed that we'd go with her the one night. On that night, he had a headache ... it almost gave me one, too! That poor widow still put some money onto the plate. Anyway, war broke out and we left the area. Later on, we came back and saw the widow again. We asked her if she was still going to her church. She said she wasn't because she was too poor. I said, "But can't you still go ... surely?" She said she couldn't because she had nothing for the collection plate. If she put in 2 cents, she would have to go without vegetables and only have 2 meals a day. I said, "But I can't understand that, because Jesus preached the gospel to the poor!" We asked her to come to some of our meetings again and she was one of the first to make her choice. She says she is so glad that she has been freed from the yoke of bondage. It has been broken.

7. Psalms 124:7, "The snare is broken." The devil likes to snare. There isn't just one type of snare. Poachers and snarers use all sorts of different things. So does Satan. The fear of man is like a snare. We always want to please man and be wanted and loved in society. It is a snare and a bondage? Very difficult to get out of. The only thing that can release us is the fear of God!

8. Psalms 51:17, "A broken and a contrite heart, 0 God, Thou wilt not despise." Years ago in Japan, a youngish mother professed. She had lipstick and powder on. A while later, we went there and she still had the lipstick and powder. We visited her and my companion spoke to her. He said it very nicely; that we were a little concerned about something and explained to her. She cried uncontrollably and we tried to comfort her and said that we knew she wasn't doing it deliberately. She said she wasn't crying because we'd told her but because she had caused God's servants concern. She had such a broken and a contrite heart. It was beautiful. God does not despise it.

9. Revelations 20:2, Satan will be bound for 1,000 years. His power will be broken. Hymn 9:4, Satan's power will be broken, "When the Prince of Life appears .... God shall wipe away our tears." It is one thing that is more beautiful broken than intact? The power of Satan.

10. A home that is broken up because of the children going into the Lord's harvest field is very beautiful. In Korea, we went with a father and a mother to the airport. Their daughter was going to Ecuador (into the Work). Six weeks later, their other daughter left to go into the work in Bolivia. Their home was absolutely broken. I said to them, "I know this is costing you a lot." They said, 'We count it a great privilege." Very beautiful.