Don Puffalt - Milltown II Convention - Afternoon Meeting, Sunday, August 22, 2004

Hymn 205, “Thou Has Been My Help”


(Open Congregational Testimonies)


Hymn 28, “Come, Let Us Follow Jesus”


The miracle is the beginning to receive something from God.  Natural life has a beginning and an ending.  But, with this fellowship - there is no ending and it doesn’t have to have an ending. 

John 4 talks about the woman’s beginning.  The experience is parallel (for a beginning and an ending).  The same beginning is leading to the same kind of fellowship in far away lands.  This beginning must have a continuing.  When we leave, don’t speak of ourselves - but of God. 

When we read about Steven, when Steven looked up into heaven - it’s a continuing… a “comma”… part way through a story.  A comma (,) is like a gravestone.  When one dies at 100 years old, that’s just a tiny fragment of time.  Keep a balanced attitude.  Steven was filled with the love and power that was a process.  He was willing to begin and continue. 

The man on the cross next to Jesus had a vision.  That man could not take one physical step.  Jesus asked His Father to forgive others for what they were doing (“For they know not what they do”).  The other 2 men were amazed that His Father could forgive Him.  One of the two men had that vision.  What was really there on that cross:  1 man alone…far from God and 2 men who were united as brothers (Jesus and the man who had that vision).  The very miracle that needs to happen in everyone’s heart is a beginning and a continuing. 

When Jesus was born - those who were looking down…singing…Luke 2:10, “Christ the Lord.”  Angels were singing a song with great assurance.  They know He was going to receive a little help and then become the Savior. 

What we talk about at convention is not imaginary (not like utopia).  It’s the power of God that we cannot fully understand, but we see the result of it.  We have a visible reality.  We see a light beyond the natural light.  That wonderful light - that’s in our lives. 

Luke 2:29, it brought peace into His heart.  We can have the same feeling as Simon had.  God would like to give us a taste of help.  You will then see His miracles. 

John 17:20 (“…one of us”) – What Jesus prayed for that day is being fulfilled and that can be fulfilled today.  How much of this prayer are we fulfilling?  We can help fulfill what Jesus was praying for.  We can help others know what Jesus taught.  He is the Son of God. 

II Peter 1:13 (“…of His majesty.”)  He wasn’t talking about lack of hope, but going onto something better. 

Acts 14:22, Acts 13:43 – Continue!!!


Hymn 328, “Ere We Part”