Donald Karnes - Two Creations

There are two creations mentioned in the Bible.  In Genesis 1, we read of the Natural and in John 1, we read of the Spiritual.  God set aside the Sabbath day in honor of the natural creation.  The new Creation is given to us in Jesus, and the first day of the week is set aside in His honor.  The more we know and understand about the natural, the more we will appreciate how wonderfully it all has been made - the beauties of nature!  There are the wonders of the Heaven, or skies.  Scientists spend their entire lives studying the laws that govern this universe and make new discoveries to add to the many already known, although they realize there is much YET they do not know!  The Earth is round, a globe, yet seems flat!  The oceans cleave to this globe!  The Earth turns to give us Day and Night, turning at the right speed to give us a twenty-four hour day, not too long, nor too short!  It tilts forward and back once a year, giving us the four seasons!  “The fool hath said in his heart, 'There is no God!'” Psalm 14:1.  He is lacking something, to not see in the Natural there HAD TO BE A MAKER, A CREATOR! 

Our Universe is only one in a million others!  Man stares and studies the galaxy, the Milky Way, ever making more powerful telescopes to see further and further into the “far beyond” and ever seeing millions of miles further than previously and ever seeing more and more universes much larger than our little sphere!  The Milky Way might be compared to a large snowstorm raging between Paris and Moscow:  many millions of snow flakes, all different.  Our tiny Universe could be compared to "one of those snowflakes" in this vast snow storm!  Yet, an unseen and mighty Hand has made and is guiding all on a fixed and steady course!  The vastness of the Milky Way is so great, so immense, that it takes many years for the light from one of those distant stars to reach us here--let us say, in the midst of the Milky Way, as man can look either way without end! “The fool hath said in his heart, 'There is no God!'” 

Psalm 139:14, David marveled at the wonders of the human body.  Doctors and many others are busy trying to learn more about the genes of the body, a part that was left unexplored until recent years!  It is not so many years since man invented the thermostat! However, there are many such in our very body, from the very beginning, known by other names, glands, regulating and controlling so many things, even our growth!  One regulates the blood pressure.  When it is too low, it puts something into the system to increase it; when it is too high, it supplies something different to lower it.  It not only knows when it is high or low, but at the same time creates (or provides) the medicine to correct the illness!  The pancreas maintains the sugar level at the right consistency.  If it is too low, the energy fails; if it is too high, a person can fall into a coma and even die if not immediately helped!  All the checks and balances work silently and unbeknowingly to us, manufacturing the insulin and other remedies necessary to maintain health!  It is only when, by misuse or abuse, these regulators fail to do their duty, do we become aware that God put into our bodies these wonderful “adjusters” with the means to cure and correct!  We ever learn more and more how well and wonderful our bodies are made! "The fool hath said in his heart, 'There is no God.'"

In recent years, man has invented the computer which is capable of grasping, storing up information, and even drawing from it when needed.  The human brain can store up a lifetime of wisdom, knowledge, and information, then use, benefit and draw conclusions from this vast storehouse!  Kidneys filter out the poisons from the blood and yet leave the good untouched…  wonderful discernment!  Eyes can see and appreciate beauty and yet abhor the ugly!  The nose can give the alarm of the presence of poison gasses and contaminated atmosphere, as well as appreciate lovely fragrances!  The tongue can taste and speak; the teeth can bite and chew and begin the whole process of digestion that sustains the entire body.  The heart is a marvelous pump that beats continually for 80 years without repairs, circulating over a gallon of blood throughout the body again and again every few minutes!  The lungs work continually to purify the blood!  And this isn't even mentioning the nervous system, like a telephone network uniting and collaborating all these different functions together in perfect harmony!  Something tells the heart to beat faster when walking a swift gait and to slow down when sleeping, etc.!  Something that we, not only unconscious of their working, but even of their existence, works continually, keeping this entire body healthy and wise.  We haven't even touched as yet on the most important part and work of all - the second or Spiritual Creation!  All this natural side of man, the body, provides a Temple for the soul.

This very abbreviated and rough account of the highest form of the natural creation for the sole purpose of preparing the soul for eternity— that is, to conform this inner man, the part that lives forever and ever, to be made like unto the Son of Man, conformed unto the image and likeness of Jesus, God's Son!  This is just a little insight into the second, or Spiritual Creation.  The body, an important part of the natural creation, so marvelously and miraculously made, is only like unto the scaffolding erected about a house while it is in its building.  When the house is completed, the scaffolding will be removed.  When the inner man is completed, the scaffolding will be removed too. So when the inner man is completed and has attained the likeness of the Creator, Christ Jesus, the outer man will be also removed.  God will make a New Temple (a new body) for the soul, a new Earth and even a new Heaven that is a prepared place for these prepared souls—those who have permitted, or who have allowed God to work in their lives and souls.  What has the fool been saying? "There is no God!"

The animal world is equally amazing: not only the egg, but the hen that laid it.  Marvel of marvels!  Two eggs are put under a hen: one is fertilized and in three weeks will bring forth a little chick.  Every feather and plume in place!  It has feet that can stand, walk, run; it can peep and peck the day it was born.  It is a wonder, a marvel!  It's a new creation!  But, what happened to the other egg that was not fertilized?  It became bad - rotten! Is not this a clear picture of the possible difference in a human life?  One life whose soul is quickened (or fertilized) by the Spirit of God produces this new creature.  The image and likeness of Christ develops as the Spirit is given its rightful place and part, allowed to work, fitting man to become part of this Eternal Family!  What happens to the other soul that has not been quickened by the Spirit of God, who has not been made ready or prepared for the prepared place and not fitted for a place and part in His Eternal Family?  Such will become just like the picture or parable given: a bad egg, rejected forever!