Donna Mose - Milltown I Convention - Morning Meeting, Saturday, August 14, 2004

Hymn 177, “Low at Thy Throne” (Donna’s choice)


II Peter 2:10, Many are called, but few are chosen.  The pre-destination is that all would be chosen.  Who are to be chosen?  They are the ones that choose to be chosen.  We must continue this. 

In Matthew 22:1-4, regarding the wedding feast… only a few were chosen for that wedding. 

Matthew 22:11, the king chose a man (one of the guests) to be there, but he was without the wedding garment.  Then, the people in the vineyard were chosen to be there- but some were told, “Go from me.”  “We must choose daily to be a little child.”  (The people of the vineyard didn’t love the workers more.)  “Make our election sure.”  When David had the experience (when he was young) against Goliath - he chose to have a “child-like trust.”  There are many “Goliaths” out in the world.  

You must choose to trust in God.  Example:  A boy was sitting on a bus.  People got off and people got on.  One woman was concerned.  She asked, “Do you know where you’re going?”  The boy said, “No.”  She then asked, “Do you know when to get off?”  The boy then said, “No.”  She then asked, “How do you know where to get off then?”  The boy said, “My father’s the bus driver.” 

Face your sin… wanting nothing but the faith of your Father.  Continue to choose to be chosen.  Choose to be a little child.