Dorothy Davidson - Milltown II Convention - Morning Meeting, Thursday, August 19, 2004

Hymn 393, “I am Now a Child of God” 


Romans 8:29 (and 15) and I John 3, “The Father hath bestowed upon us... / … we shall see Him as He is.”  The story of adoption:  in one sense - we’re born into His spirit.  However, we are apart of being adopted by God.  When you’re adopted and are showed love - you will respond.  You will see that yourself as well as others will see it. 

Our position - it is because we have a need and God will give us a place in Him.  Keep His holy name clean and pure, because ye are shown love.  As we’re lead by the spirit, we will continue to be more like Him. 

Ephesians 1:10, even though we have never met other people from other conventions, meetings - we will have our family reunion in heaven. 

Revelations, it’s the multitude that cannot be numbered.  God wants some of our private time, also.  What a wonderful family we have and the love that goes beyond a family love.